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Bam fu
Bam fu
Bam fu
Bam fu
Bam fu
Bam fu
Bam fu

Review Bam fu

Sergei Petrov
Bam fu - casual game for Android, which simply inevitable physical contact, so how to choose a partner for the game with which you will be pleased to fight. Be careful not to damage your device in the heat of passion!
This game originated in China, however, there is more practiced dexterity and quick reflexes rather than the physical impact. Shocks and hand-wringing - the initiative's most active and fearless people. The most interesting and fun to play in the company of four people, but there may be fighting for two and three.


So, at the beginning of each player is assigned a specific color. In accordance with this color and you need to act during each round. On the field, lined up in a certain order the stones of your color and color opponent. The main task - to fill the entire field of stones of your color. You can do this by clicking on each stone opponent color in a circle. And one can not in any way to click on their stones - if you make a mistake, they will change color with the color of the enemy, adding he points to win. The more stones you have taken, the greater your chance of winning.
As such, there are no rules, because there is no sequence of moves and any prohibitions. Only your imagination and caution in relation to competitors and their gadgets can limit you in action. Developers are advised not to get lost and did not play in the gentlemen, and with all the pressure and cunning go on the warpath, not just poking into other people's stones, but not letting opponents push your stones. And in war, as they say, all good, so it can not be excluded are the real battle on his hands in an effort to win back their territory.

Features Bam fu for Android:

  • Active and fun gameplay for the game in the company of friends;
  • The inevitable physical contact in the game;
  • The need to win 5 rounds for the final victory;
  • The different mode depending on the shape and the number of stones on the field;
  • Localization in more than 15 languages;
  • Game modes 2, 3 and 4 player.
First of all, I would like to note a rather low-quality graphics with a decent design, and generally all elements of the design. Looks pretty interesting and attractive, but it is too bright, a little straining your eyes.
In addition, the specificity of the game introduces the features in gameplay and mood at the time of the competition. If you're ready for this fight on your toes, make ready for such a turn of events as your opponent. And also make sure whether your device will stand a very real battle. Be warned, do not get enough to wake the real aggression, think this game is more like a joke!
Summary. Bam fu - quite unusual and peculiar game for Android, in which the main tool for winning are your fingers, as well as the reaction rate. To play three and four of us will have to pay 1.5 dollars, because the free version is only for two players. We advise not to grow nails and choose wisely rivals - in the heat of the game are various mishaps and even damaging, because the activity is manifested through physical action.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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