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Wakelock Detector
Wakelock Detector
Wakelock Detector
Wakelock Detector
Wakelock Detector

Review Wakelock Detector

Sergei Petrov
Wakelock Detector - is a useful free application for Android, which is a couple of hours will be able to find applications that effectively use the battery and shorten the life of your device.
The program analyzes the service "Wakelock", which is responsible for the allocation of resources for a variety of applications. Many programs can not work properly with this service, and as a result we have a fast discharge smartphone or tablet. This is particularly evident in those moments when the device is discharged at night by 10-20%, although it should be no more than 7%.

The interface and the possibility of

To use the program you need to take a few simple steps. Please install the application and fully charged our device. Next, unplug it from the power supply and do not touch 1-2 hours to Wakelock Detector able to collect the data. After this, run the application and start to see the statistics.
The main application screen is quite simple. At the top are the switching points for graphs and sorting applications in the list. Below is a timeline that shows how much your smartphone slept and was in active mode. And below is a list of applications running in the background, it is among them we'll look for those that consume too much energy. Such programs should be somewhere at the top of the list with information about the number of awakenings of your device.
Red items on the list will be marked at the moment running the application. On each application can also click and view detailed information about how long it has been active. Also right here you can go to the application settings, stop it and switch off. For example, if you do not use some services by Google, why would you want to have them in mind?

Features Wakelock Detector for Android:

  • Simple interface;
  • Seeking sources of discharge of the battery in just 2 hours;
  • Opportunity to see each process;
  • Flexible sorting by time work or power consumption;
  • Displays the processor statistics as well as the on-screen statistics;
  • A separate list shows the programs that wake up your device.
Summary. Wakelock Detector - this is a great free program to optimize battery life for Android the easiest and safest method. If you do it right, your device will hold a charge much longer per night and will be discharged by no more than 3-7%.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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