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Review S.M.T.H.

Sergei Petrov
SMTH - crazy game for Android in which you definitely will not be bored, as the action to be taken within the framework of this competition, just breathtaking and checks the nerves to the test. If you truly expensive your gadget, and passion - it is your weakness, then do not recommend reading further, just close review and continue to the next.
Developers in the truest sense of the title of his amazing design advise all users to send their device at the sky. Watch out! This game can really be the last in the list of games that are open on your, yet current smartphone!


Despite the fact that all so very simple, it is still in the game there is a very detailed guide to action in pictures. So you pick up your smart phone and just toss it up. Do not believe it, but that's almost all! Of course, the screen displays your results, you can then compare with the tables of the first places today, week, month and throughout the world since the inception of the game. Be careful, because the results that we saw in the ratings, really impressive. I do not know how it was possible to achieve a height of 40-45 meters. But, in truth, in the honesty of these results hard to believe. Gambler, of course, will be hard to resist and not to test yourself and your gadget to the test.
Now let's talk about the details and nuances. First, in the beginning you will always be asked to sign an agreement that you will not have any claims to the developers in the event that harm themselves, others or their things. And, believe me, is really very easy to do. Even the advice to go out and engage toss your gadget in height in the open space can not help avoid the unfortunate consequences. Also, pay attention to the fact that the flip is desirable not to turn your device, do not give it a whirl in the air. The outcome will depend on many factors, including from this, and on which device you are using. In any case, do not encourage you to get involved, and take it as a joke more than a single action, rather than serious competition.

Features SMTH for Android:

  • A kind of game for the brave people;
  • The diverse style and approach to the different gadgets;
  • Global leaderboards: by month, week and throughout the world;
  • High risk of damage to your gadget;
  • Different responsiveness to different devices;
  • The possibility of competition with friends.
What can I say, the game is really an amateur. We will not argue long about the relevance and appropriateness of the application. Just note that most definitely should not be given to set his children and adolescents, as well as people who do not speak up and having compulsive, uncontrollable temper. And generally fun, if over the sofa and very, well, just very gently. Although for many the meaning of joy in that case, just disappears, so think for yourself, decide for yourself.


SMTH - an unusual game for Android, which looks more like a contest of skill and degree of potential risk own device. It should be noted that not everyone decides to try out the game, except that on its own the same bed with pillows all around. In any case, if you are the adventurous type and do not mind the opportunity to say goodbye to your favorite gadget, then try, but we warned you!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 4/10
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