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Sir Octopus
Sir Octopus
Sir Octopus
Sir Octopus
Sir Octopus

Review Sir Octopus

Sergei Petrov
Sir Octopus - a free puzzle game for Android, which is ideal for children and teenagers and adults but may be to the taste, at least for young mothers. The game may seem simple and even primitive, but do not rush to conclusions - there will be a strain gyrus to pass all levels, especially without a hint!
So, Sir Octopus missus asked him to bring all the kids from kindergarten. And the kids have happy parents very much, and they are scattered all around the perimeter, so that to find and collect all in a bunch - will not be easy. Underwater kindergarten and loved urchins are already waiting when you will find them all!


The hero, you are driving - very clumsy and rather staid octopus, which even would never take their kids home at a time. So the best thing he can do is to bring them all together at one time. And this is not simply due to the fact that all octopuses are clinging to each other and for Sir Octopus, and after that it does not change the shape in which they are lined up. Moreover, passages in a kindergarten in most cases narrow and collect children prevents numerous underwater vegetation, also built in the manner specified tricky.
To Sir Octopus took a step, just click on the part of the screen where it should go. Think carefully about their strategy, where better to go and who to pick up first, because the kids get out of their corners at times be impossible without the use of those who have already managed to pick up. Do all the steps you need as quickly as possible, because at the rate you will receive rewards and points. If you use a hint, each course will be highlighted with gold circles. Use them only as a last resort, because in order to re-gain the next portion of tips will have to wait a very long time.

Sir Octopus Features for Android:

  • 2D puzzle game in which you need to think ahead, developing tactics;
  • 69 increasingly challenging levels, divided into 3 episodes;
  • Funny animated style design;
  • 17 characters as octopuses and 9 picture elements;
  • Awards for the fastest passage levels;
  • Unlock new levels in the game;
  • A few tips in case of difficulty to help you.
It should be noted that, despite the apparent simplicity of the gameplay, the task does not seem so simple already on the fifth level. So do not just postpone the game aside, if there is such a desire. Just try to play more than 10 minutes, you can not tighten a child, check for yourself! Here only this point is also the second drawback, which can be noted here. After all, drawn into the gameplay, you will start sooner or later realize that all levels, one way or another, very similar, there is no scenario. So here, as they say, no one is immune from the rapid cooling to this kind of puzzle.


Sir Octopus - pretty original puzzle game for Android, which can be described by that expression that will become apparent low estimate of the game and the mixed reviews of users, "an amateur." We liked the game, as well as definitely appeal to those who are looking for action, a super advanced graphics and incredibly complex, intricate tasks.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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