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Review Dots

Sergei Blyudov
Dots - an addictive puzzle game for Android with primitive gameplay in which a great deal, including the final result depends not only on your strategy and tactics, but also on the fortunate circumstances, rather, fallen on the field combinations.
In front of you in each round there is a field of size 6 * 6 multi-colored dots and you need to connect at least two of them, matching in color. All of simplicity, lying on the surface, immediately disappears if you try to score at least 100 points more. Indeed, in this case, you will calculate in advance the combination and it is desirable to use the available bonuses and chips.


So, your task - to successfully combine the best possible combination of three-dimensional points of the same color. That is, the more points at a time, you take away from the screen, the more points you earn. You can only connect the dots vertically and horizontally, but diagonally to connect them you do not get. It would seem an easy task, one might even say, elementary, and it turns out that there need and tactics, and strategy. And about how much she can captivate any man in the street, generally speaking too - remember glancing at the clock, if you do not want to miss something important. Once the combination is collected and removed from the field, this is the place to drop further points and so on to infinity. More precisely, not indefinitely, of course, because in the beginning you can choose two modes of play: for time and number of moves.
So remove points to the mind, assessing the moves in advance. In the settings you can choose the color scheme of points on the screen. There is a chip with such a figure as the square: connecting points in a square of any color, you will achieve the disappearance from the board all the points of the shade. Your choice in the game there are three types of bonuses acquired for in-game currency: the extension of playing time for 5 seconds, the distance of the point, the removal of all points of the same color. One of the main attractions - is, of course, compete with friends on the set of the greatest number of points. Arrange them easy, given how quickly passes each round, and very nice, considering the vast number of trophies to win.

Features Dots for Android:

  • Simple but surprisingly addictive gameplay;
  • Great minimalistic graphics and design;
  • Several sets of colors for the points;
  • Shareware - points have to buy after a certain amount of time;
  • Two modes of play: for time and number of moves;
  • Local multiplayer mode;
  • Sync with Facebook and Twitter.
The disadvantages include the high cost of a stretch in-game purchases, because the number of points for the game initially limited, but because of addictive gameplay, they disappear very quickly. And in this case you have to buy them for a dollar can, two or five, depending on the number of points. One would have to find fault with the order dated mechanics, however, as the experience and reality, she is the most effective and popular, so there is little need for any changes.


Dots - elementary puzzle game for Android, which is able to tighten any better, and the quality of the tricked out hit. This game can be attributed to the relatively free. And the best part is that due to the simplicity of the gameplay and elementary task, it is absolutely free can play anyone, without any age restrictions.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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