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Blueprint3D HD
Blueprint3D HD
Blueprint3D HD
Blueprint3D HD
Blueprint3D HD
Blueprint3D HD
Blueprint3D HD

Review Blueprint3D HD

Sergei Petrov
Blueprint3D HD - beautiful and enjoyable puzzle game for Android, the ability to develop and improve your spatial imagination - a skill that will come in handy just in life and learning. We have surveyed a very unusual and high-quality arcade game from this studio - Tentacle Wars .
One of the most enjoyable moments in this game - it's a big set of categories, broken down by topic. Here you can search and animals, and architecture, and the machines and electronics, and even a Christmas theme. In addition, despite the copious amount of clones, the most pleasing graphics and overall design boasts exactly original, so do not pass by!


Thus, at each level in each category before our eyes there is a picture with the chaotic clusters of lines, shapes, and other details that we originally nothing to say. But do not panic and think that the game is something wrong, because it was so intended. In all this mess you will need to uglyadet quite familiar to the picture of a particular subject. And it will have to be like to try and turn the steep image in different directions and at different angles. This can be done using just one finger. And just for the final turn in the right picture, the vertical position, you have to use two fingers.
At each level will note the time of finding each image, so try to do it as quickly as possible, because at the rate you will be charged an asterisk. The faster pass the level, the more stars get, the higher place will be in the global ranking tables.
If you do not like your results, or got distracted, you always have the option to replay a level over again by clicking on the button located in the top right corner of the screen. Also, you can use one of five free tips, the button is in the lower left corner. On first acquaintance walking category with the instructions, which will clearly show how to turn the image as finding the top, and other subtleties of gameplay.

Features Blueprint3D HD for Android:

  • Smooth and advanced graphics;
  • Support for Google Game Service;
  • A variety of prizes, awards and achievements;
  • More than 300 levels and 3 levels of difficulty to choose from;
  • World record table;
  • 11 categories with different themes;
  • A very pleasant and unique sound.
Now the drawbacks, of which there are not so many, but they are quite weighty and much spoiling the game. They are very much a long pause between levels, between the transitions in categories, as well as during the initial login. In addition, users were seen losing progress when you exit the game, if a class is not yet finished. In this regard, the game seems more raw, clearly unfinished, so that our estimate of the highest place in any way we can not.


Blueprint3D HD - a fun and unique in its kind puzzle game for Android, in which you can test your spatial thinking and imagination. The vast number of topics, divided into categories will not get bored anyone who will like this unusual gameplay. We recommend to try and hope that annoying misses will soon be fixed!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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