Stunt Star The Hollywood Years
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Stunt Star The Hollywood Years
Stunt Star The Hollywood Years
Stunt Star The Hollywood Years
Stunt Star The Hollywood Years
Stunt Star The Hollywood Years
Stunt Star The Hollywood Years
Stunt Star The Hollywood Years

Review Stunt Star The Hollywood Years

Sergei Petrov
Stunt Star The Hollywood Years - is a fascinating physical arcade game for Android, in which we will perform a variety of stunts on cars, motorcycles and even tractors. Externally it looks like motocross, but in reality it is a completely different game.
It all starts with a little background, where we show the future in which the main character is a very popular performer of tricks. Then we returned to the harsh reality of where we are the only son of a farmer, and all that we have - this is an old shabby van, which we had made their first tricks.


Each level in the game is unique, and there we will have to perform a certain task. To get the maximum reward, you must fulfill several conditions, such as a coup, to pick up the star and cross the finish line.
Before you do the trick, we have to do to finish the level elements, namely to draw a springboard, choosing the right angle and height. You can draw only in a certain area, which is marked in green.
Once it's done, we move on to the first attempt, as the game Stunt Star is one of those where it turns the trick is not the first time. To control necessary to use two buttons - the gas and brake. They also serve to control the position of transport, perform various coups and so on. On some levels, we can also use a super acceleration and parachute to jump out of the car at full speed. These are just examples of levels in each chapter we will have a lot of surprises.

Features Stunt Star for Android:

  • A nice 2D-graphics;
  • Over 70 fun levels;
  • 17 unique modes of transportation;
  • A huge variety of tricks;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Simple operation;
  • Frequent updates and add new levels.
The game is completely free, but inside you will find a bit of advertising, and the ability for real money to buy in-game currency, which will need to buy a suitable transport for the trick. Very often, the player will have to take place again coursing through the levels to save enough money to meet the new levels, or buy anything for real money.
Summary. Stunt Star - a quality 2D-arcade game for Android, which will appeal to fans of tricks, physical arcades and motocross. The game is made with high quality and looks original, but the graphics could have been done better.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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