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Myth Defense LF
Myth Defense LF
Myth Defense LF
Myth Defense LF
Myth Defense LF
Myth Defense LF

Review Myth Defense LF

Sergei Petrov
Myth Defense LF - this is a complex and interesting game in the genre of Tower Defense for Android. This game appeared in Google Play store for quite some time and managed to win a great love of people. Praise the game is not for the graphics, and it is for gameplay mechanics thoughtful and excellent game balance.
Game development studio is engaged Smartpix Games, which released a lot of different average games from different genres, which we have nothing to say.


The game has two main modes - Campaign and Battle. In campaign mode, waiting for us a few different cards, each of which we have to win. After passing through the campaign, we can go through it again with all the accumulated improvements, but at a more sophisticated level.
Cards in the game are spacious and designed specifically for the player to build your own maze of towers. The towers in the game you can build anywhere that is not occupied by other objects.
The number and variety of towers in the game is staggering. There are several main towers, and each of them can be improved, thus improving the towers are branched. From a slow-tower we can build a tower of ice or fuel tower, and the tower of archers and did about 9 combinations of improvement.
Also, in addition to the towers, we can set special traps that will either slow down or will do damage. They are placed directly on the aisle seats but kept a small number of waves, they can be used more as a safety net.

Features Myth Defense LF for Android:

  • A large number of levels;
  • A sound and deep mechanics;
  • The extensive system of improving the towers;
  • Buying runes that increase the performance of towers;
  • New towers and the ability to open up for the points received;
  • Full-fledged campaign and battle mode;
  • Translated into several languages.
The disadvantages of the game can be very confusing to carry the main menu, and incomprehensible system improvements runes, it's all very quietly reflected on the gameplay and not very interesting to spend time on the connection.
Summary. Myth Defense LF - this is an interesting and successful game in the genre of Tower Defense, which will be appreciated by connoisseurs of the genre. The game can be inferior to the graphics and ease of development of Kingdom Rush, but draws no less!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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