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Treasure Diving
Treasure Diving
Treasure Diving
Treasure Diving
Treasure Diving
Treasure Diving

Review Treasure Diving

Sergei Petrov
Treasure Diving - a mixture of quest and strategy for Android, in which you can fully realize their dreams of underwater adventures with a diving, finding various treasures and fine finished building its own base. On the basis not only can you collect resources and solve quests, but to grow underwater plants and marine life, adding to the Gallery treasures and passing a variety of mini quests.
If you love the sea and its underwater world, a theme of pirates and not averse to drop to the bottom in search of adventure, resources and priceless treasures, then you should definitely pay attention to this game. Fans of the same quests and dynamics may need a little stretch of buildings and a lot of extra work during gameplay.


At the beginning of your coach for diving, a beautiful girl Nicky, will offer you search in search of interesting yellow submarine, just as they loved all the music group. The propeller at the underwater transport broken and was thrown into the algae. Once you've cleared the undergrowth and find these at a depth pieces protruding propeller, it will need to dig up as quickly as possible. Along the way, you'll get coins and stars for each completed task, so that he manages to pick them up until they are dissolved in water. Immediately after the propeller is installed and the boat is ready to go, you go on a journey through the waterways, the learning expedition.
It was here, in the framework of the training course you will learn how to extract water treasures and raise them to the surface from the depths of the sea. In addition to the basic training, a treasure hunt, you have to perform a lot of additional tasks and quests. For example, plant the plants that produce the oxygen necessary for you to stay under water, solve mysteries of the underwater world in the form of ghosts and skeletons of once brave sea captains. For all its treasures will be extracted to build a gallery, because all they need to be safely stored in one place, without the risk of losing them again.
Perform its basic task is, treasure hunt, in fact the easiest. You just select any portion of the landscape, providing them with a brave diver who immediately begins its work on clearing the area - mow the plants, digging things out of the sand, emboss minerals from rocks and coral. Immediately after the exploration it is necessary to collect all the treasures and resources are obtained. Resources and treasures vary depending on location and search operations. To move between locations you will use a special card, and received at the beginning of the submarine.

Features Treasure Diving for Android:

  • Bright colorful graphics depicting the seabed;
  • More than 80 underwater treasures that you can find and keep in the Gallery;
  • Infinite gameplay with self-preservation;
  • About 25 potential structures for the convenience of your searches;
  • Many tasks and mini quests in different locations;
  • The ability to grow marine plants and wind pets in their territory;
  • About 30 different expeditions with new goals and achievements.
The first flaw, which apparently is striking - it's small text windows which have to examine very carefully before you read. This text will appear adequately except on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note or Mega. On devices with the same standard and size close to them to read it very uncomfortable, it immediately spoil the experience of the whole process. And if small islands with the same fine detail can still zoom in and take a closer look, then text this technique does not work, have to squint hard.
The same applies to the tasks themselves. Control of the game can not be called a convenient due to the fact that often, clicking on a small area on the map, you get a completely different piece of land. And so, going otkapat, such as starfish, accidentally continue to dig conventional seagrass beds or anything else. Very easy to make a mistake, good, for it is not fined and forced to take a job from the beginning.


Treasure Diving - quite original diving simulator for android, where you can find yourself endlessly for new adventures, diluting their measured construction of various buildings and implementation of mini tasks. If it were not for small elements and the difficulties in management, and the need of waiting time to make the next action, the game could earn the highest scores.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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