50 Ways to Survive
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50 Ways to Survive
50 Ways to Survive
50 Ways to Survive
50 Ways to Survive
50 Ways to Survive

Review 50 Ways to Survive

Sergei Petrov
50 Ways to Survive - this is a fun game for Android in the platformer genre, where we have to survive in the wild. Behind us are bloodthirsty hunt lions, sharks fanged, and that's not all, as we all will be expected to trap and unexpected obstacles.
Development of the game deals with a young studio Mass Threat, and it is their first project. The game is completely free, but contains a small advertising banner, and also has a limited number of lives that are given to us by the passage (20 units).


The game has a pleasant and pretty 3D-graphics, which surprised us with excellent responsiveness. Naturally, the level of detail is not high, but it's enough to not irritate your eyes.
Control of the game by using three keys. On the left side of the screen are two buttons to control the movement back and forth, and on the right is a button to jump. At the very beginning of the game, we can choose a character you like.
The entire game is divided into multiple levels. In each level, we have to find the golden crown. The less we spend more lives and collect artifacts, the more points you get. At each level, we are given 4 life, to exhaust all of which will have to start the level over again, while we take away a single global life (20 in total).
Very interesting in the game look Enemies: Lions jump right out of the background scenery and constantly run after us until we jump over them to a different platform. If the lion grabs us, we have taken away one life, so it is best to get round them or jump, if no other way.

Features 50 Ways to Survive for Android:

  • Nice 3D-graphics;
  • A simple three-button control;
  • Forwards animals;
  • Funny boss fights;
  • 50 levels;
  • Confusing levels, an interesting search keys.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed fairly rudimentary physics. Moreover, if the mobility and jumping are no claims, during the clash with the enemy, we just pass through it, and we spent a life. Also, the interaction with interactive objects, strings and mobile platforms can not jump on the first try.
Summary. 50 Ways to Survive - is of average quality arcade platformer for Android, which is perfect to kill a little time. Game can forgive almost all the shortcomings, because it is completely free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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