Red Crow Mysteries: Legion
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Red Crow Mysteries: Legion
Red Crow Mysteries: Legion
Red Crow Mysteries: Legion
Red Crow Mysteries: Legion
Red Crow Mysteries: Legion
Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

Review Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

Sergei Petrov
Red Crow Mysteries: Legion - a mysterious story in the genre of the quest for android about a person possessing a special gift that can stop the oncoming evil upon mankind. Prove to everyone that you are worthy of the title favorites, could stop the forces of evil and save the world in the form in which we know it!
This game is famous development studio, working in a variety of ways, won the bronze medal from Pocketgamer. To help pass the test in this quest you will be ghosts, including the ghost of your dead mother, who tells you the secrets and show you the right direction in your quest. If desired, the entire part of the story and the details of the story, along with the dialogue can be bypassed by clicking on the appropriate icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


At the beginning of the story you can include on-line help and pass a small tutorial by following the instructions in it. In the lower left corner of the screen there is an icon with the image of traces. By clicking on it, you will see the other possible locations that can be reached from a given point. As always, using the icons in the form of tips you can not only find a missing item, but also to find out which zone you missed or what other action is committed to continue the story.
At the bottom of the screen is your inventory and can be used not only in the form in which it is you got, but combining items together. For example, if you found a gun and a bullet, it would be logical to combine them by getting a loaded gun, and so on. If the items are compatible with each other, you will see the plus sign on one of them in your inventory. Mini-games that you can not or do not want to solve, you can skip using the button at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to look for and collect images of roses in the course of the plot, just the game, you will need to locate all the roses in all locations and venues.
To fully get the whole story and get the maximum enjoyment, you need to reach all the goals listed in the list, if you go to the main menu of Achievement. In simple mode, you can access: fast reload tips highlighting the active zones and the ability to quickly skip puzzles. In normal mode, all will be slower - and re-use tips and release the mini games. In adventure mode, the game board with the possible to find objects is completely absent.

Features Red Crow Mysteries Legion for Android:

  • The mysterious and frightening atmosphere with scenes of dialogue with ghosts;
  • Chapter 3 and 6 storylines locations;
  • 3 game modes: easy, normal, adventure;
  • 73 hidden object scenes in different locations;
  • Endless and the opportunity to help change the mode at any time;
  • 25 mini-games and puzzles to choose from and something for everyone;
  • The option to skip any mini-game in the plot.
Of all the flaws especially want to single out one, the most important - is the banality of the plot. It should be noted that most of the quests, we tested recently contain very similar, if not repeating this game story. And if the first two or three stories of this kind still want to take them to the very end and find out what's the matter would end, then you have at some point just becomes uninteresting. After all so alike and so are jammed into holes that we wish to show creators next time more imagination and originality. Save the world from evil forces or disclose detective with a series of crimes have to be fed, even the most ardent fans of the genre, and even more so to do it again for the money.


Red Crow Mysteries: Legion - the average level of the quest for Android, which may or may not original, but justifies its genre and the main function in the form of time-wasters performs perfectly. After the introduction and the first level you will be asked to buy the full version. Such tactics are well known to us, as drawn into the story and have passed many tests, just do not want to stop there.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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