Pixel Defenders Puzzle
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Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
Pixel Defenders Puzzle

Review Pixel Defenders Puzzle

Sergei Blyudov
Pixel Defenders Puzzle - it is addictive game for Android, which combines genres such as the "three in a row" and defense. Our task will be to save the princess from evil monsters, orcs and undead. For the battle we will be joining together the various blocks that will create a variety of warriors.
Game development studio is engaged in Social Titans LLC, which has decided to make the game popular in the pixel format and coped with this task perfectly. The game is not perceived as something of times NES, although the graphics and sound in every way on this recall.


The idea of ​​the game is very simple: combine the three units together and you get a warrior, combine the three warriors and get enhanced warrior and so are several levels of improvement. All the action takes place on a small playing field with special cells, where we can arrange the blocks, therefore, to create a powerful warriors will have to strain the brain. In this respect, the game is almost completely copies the popular puzzle game Triple Town, but here the developers have gone even further by adding security features.
Each warrior has produced unique characteristics and has its own parameters attacks. On top of the screen will attack us on the waves of enemies that we have to touch, or after a stroke, they will attack the princess. In order to cause maximum damage to the enemy, you need to look to what he has vulnerabilities, and then select or create a warrior and carry out an attack.
At the bottom of the screen, Pixel Defenders Puzzle is available points of attack. As only one cell is filled, it means that we can perform one loses a warrior. The cells are filled in the process of creating new soldiers.
Also, in addition to the soldiers in the game there are different bonuses, magic, special elements that can be combined with all at once, and so much more interesting.

Features Pixel Defenders Puzzle for Android:

  • Pixel pastiche;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • A mixture of genres puzzle game and defense;
  • A huge variety of warriors;
  • More than 30 different levels in several campaigns;
  • Two additional endless mode.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed too high complexity at advanced levels, as well as the lack of translation to other languages ​​(English only).
Summary. Pixel Defenders Puzzle - a fun and addictive puzzle game for Android, which once again proves that the quality of the graphics - is not the main thing, the story and gameplay are also important. If this game was a modern graphics, then it would definitely be a masterpiece.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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