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Neat and unusual photo editor
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Cymera - this is a very interesting and feature-rich photo editor for Android, which allows for a few minutes to even take photographs of a masterpiece. To a greater degree program is focused on the treatment of portraits and photos of the people in the picture.
We often write reviews on different photo-editors and constantly compare them to each other. Occasionally it happens that we can surprise, because all only offer filters and other basic processing. Here, we can very accurately process a person enlarge the eyes, to bring a smile, smooth skin, and it's all very simple, no complicated tools. Girls will definitely be ecstatic!

The interface and the possibility of

For the first time we will have a welcome screen with two links - the transition to the editor or to the camera. When choosing a camera program does not send us to a standard application, and starts her own. The functionality of the camera is not too big, standard setting, and the ability to apply some treatment before the creation of the image, such as blurring and photo-effect.
Fun starts when you edit the finished pictures, here in addition to standard tools Crop, rotate and fix the horizon, you can also find quite a large collection of the most popular filters, which will envy even Instagram. Filters are displayed with small thumbs so we can pre-estimate before you apply. For each filter, you can also set the level of saturation.
An opportunity not to appreciate the girls - it's editing and processing entity. The program is able to recognize the face and modify them. For example, you can increase your eyes, touch up a smile, apply eyelashes, mascara, make-up and much more. For each overlay to select a setting and a little edit. You can also change her hairstyle, hair color and hand-paint spots, wrinkles and other minor flaws.

Features Cymera for Android:

  • Simple interface;
  • A large collection of filters;
  • Camera;
  • Tools to change the facial features;
  • Convenient and easy retouching;
  • Overlay covers;
  • Adding stickers and effects;
  • Fast sending photos to any social network.
The main drawback - the restriction in the resolution of the picture is 1024 pixels, which is very small, given the current cameras in smartphones. In principle, these photos look good in social networks and on-screen phones, but if they are uploaded to a computer and view on the big screen, there is and will be visible all the disadvantages of high resolution.
Summary. Cymera - simple photo editor for Android with interesting post-processing features of the face. The program is aimed primarily at a female audience, but will appeal to all lovers of simplicity and convenience.


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