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Stay Alight

Stay AlightStay AlightStay AlightStay AlightStay AlightStay Alight


Sergei Petrov
Posted: Sergei PetrovTested 11 Apr 2017 on ASUS Nexus 7 (2013)

Colourful arcade with iconic game play

Stay Alight - this is a very beautiful arcade puzzle game for Android, which we need to help the bulb to overcome a lot of mud monsters. These monsters have captured the magical world and destroy all the lights, we were alone, but we have the ability to change everything.
Game development studio is engaged in WYSE GAMES LTD, and the game itself previously appeared on the platform iOS, which managed to get a lot of positive reviews. At first glance, the game will look similar to the famous evil birds, but here we'll throw rays of light.
The first thing that catches the eye when entering the Stay Alight, - it's just amazing graphics. This is certainly one of the most beautiful games in the store Google Play. The world around us, the monsters, the main character, - all this is done with such high quality that in this world really begin to believe. Bravo!


Control of the game is very simple: by using simple gestures we can set the direction and strength of the throw, and then take your finger and see how a beam of light flying in the selected direction. Before the shot, we can see the approximate length of the way, but only for a short distance, as in Angry Birds.
At every level, we will be given a few shots, for which we have to knock down all the mud monsters. Usually monsters are not available for direct hit and you have to go to all sorts of tricks to make shots with a rebound or shoot down objects so that they fall on the heads of monsters.

Features Stay Alight for Android:

  • Colorful HD-graphics;
  • Exciting atmosphere;
  • Realistic physics of the game;
  • Simple operation;
  • More than 50 unique levels;
  • Unique soundtrack;
  • Various shells.
In the game, in addition to standard of rays of light, there is also the shells with a variety of features, but is difficult to get them for free. The developers have done so, that without them the game would be too complicated, and this is the only flaw was found.


Stay Alight - it's a great arcade game for Android, which will surely like fans of the evil birds or those who are not like them and looking for something similar. The game is very distinctive, beautiful and free, that such games are lacking in Google Play.
Final ratings
Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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