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Riptide GP2
Riptide GP2
Riptide GP2
Riptide GP2
Riptide GP2

Review Riptide GP2

Tariq Abdulla
Loads quickly, runs quickly, decent graphics, responsive controls
No significant shortcomings
Riptide GP2 for Android is a fast-paced jet ski racing game. The dynamics feel satisfyingly different to other types of vehicle racing, as you bounce against the water while swerving and turning; but it's the water equivalent of motorbike racing.
The graphics go for well-rendered CGI. The water does look a tad too glassy, but I find it hard to criticise that when the running performance is so impressive. Load times are super fast, which I find remarkable in such a highly detailed 3D racing game. The devs clearly know how to code efficiently.
The story goes that you are a professional jet ski racer, in a competitive league. Progress through a series of impressive purpose-built water racing circuits. On some, you race against computer players, and in others you race against the clock. There are also online multiplayer modes (either live or against a ghost), and split screen multiplayer with up to 4 players (you need external controllers for split screen multiplayer).
Amazingly, there are no ads in this game; at least none prominent enough for me to notice. You can upgrade through several cooler-looking jet skis, but spending money on the game seems totally optionally, and even buried deep in hidden menus. You can also change your color scheme as often as you like for free (e.g. without using any in-game currency).
The controls are easy enough, and are shown in a very brief tutorial lap. The tilt steering is responsive, and there are also brake and boost buttons. Swipe both thumbs up to do a 'bar hop' after launching off a ramp.
I can't find any fault with Riptide GP2. Fantastic game in all respects. If you want a slightly different racing game, you won't be disappointed.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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