Weird Park: Broken Tune
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Weird Park: Broken Tune
Weird Park: Broken Tune
Weird Park: Broken Tune
Weird Park: Broken Tune
Weird Park: Broken Tune

Review Weird Park: Broken Tune

Sergei Petrov
Weird Park: Broken Tune - a mystical investigation into the murder and disappearance of the journalist for Android with a complex plot, filled with the blood stirring scenes, hazardous puzzles and lots of puzzles. A great addition to the collection of all the lovers of mysticism.
The action takes place in an abandoned amusement park called Fairy Gate. One of the main objectives of the game - to collect a broken record on the turntable. Pieces of this disc you will come across in the course of the investigation on the different sites. It was she who in the end will be the key to unlocking all the secrets of the black spot and its mysteries. In addition, you will have to find a lot of clues and pass through a dangerous test.


As always, you have to have a log book in which will automatically get all the important information on the investigation. The icon with the magnifying glass means that you can look more closely at the selected point by clicking on it, you get the picture detail. With many objects in the locations can interact in any way, this can also be achieved by clicking on the items. Some items may take on a clique of his inventory and then used for other purposes as a click. Places where you can use an item often highlighted in a special light.
As in other quests, places to refine things you do not miss out and do not lose sight of thanks glitter surrounding these locations. By clicking you can go to search through the list. Each type of search you can use the hint. It represents the monkey in the bottom right corner. However, before you get a clue, you have to wait a while, and only then, in the second clique, you highlight one of the required items. In each scene with the search you will get the desired object passing in the future: duct tape, a shovel, pliers and so on.
Thanks to the pointers by clicking on them you can move from various locations in the locations. In the course of the plot and scenes you will also suggest what action to take. These tips will appear as the main character comments on why he can not get this or that area, or what kind of thing it would be useful in each case. If a job is in the form of mini-games, you can not afford, it is possible after a certain time, just skip it by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen.

Features Weird Park Broken Tune for Android:

  • 37 mysterious and diverse locations;
  • 12 original hidden object scenes;
  • A short course in the series;
  • Never-ending hint that requires time to fill;
  • Atmospheric sound design;
  • Entertaining story with a lot of testing;
  • Scary scenes and mystical villain.
Previously, users have reported problems with a full load the game. Even after the payment lags occurred, after which the game is not the goods or the result of dumped passed. According to the developers, all the glitches have now been resolved, and now everything is working correctly.
Summary. Weird Park: Broken Tune - a mystical quest for android, made at the secondary level, where we will walk the streets of an abandoned amusement park, trying to uncover a double crime. For two dollars, you can unlock the game, after a try for free the first episode. After completing the game, you can buy the bonus chapter that you will find more information and the main character, more puzzles and mini-games.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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