Dark Stories Midnight Killer
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Dark Stories Midnight Killer
Dark Stories Midnight Killer
Dark Stories Midnight Killer
Dark Stories Midnight Killer
Dark Stories Midnight Killer
Dark Stories Midnight Killer
Dark Stories Midnight Killer

Review Dark Stories Midnight Killer

Sergei Petrov
Dark Stories: Midnight Killer - is a terrible detective quest for Android, which we recommend for information only to people with a stable psyche. This mysterious adventure story with a bloody events casts gloom and horror, so be prepared for a long and most enjoyable investigation.
The story is about a lonely and having mystical powers Detective Gregory Ross, who is in the service of homicide in Los Angeles. His special gift is like a punishment for him, and thus a treasure that can successfully investigate the most terrible and mysterious stories. In this game we will play a major role in the next darkness covered the case about the brutal murder of a little girl.


There is nothing new in the management and gameplay you will not find here. The plot is equipped with the change of day and night, as well as conversational mode that adds interest, but not much different from the kind of detective quest. We will also be at the disposal of card, bag with supplies, as well as buttons with navigation. All the scenes are equipped with a variety of unpleasant conversations, objects and, of course, the blood of the victim.
As always, we go to locations, communicate with witnesses and met by all passers-by, trying to find good information, as well as items that can be used in the future, or use them to draw any conclusion about the investigation. Items in the inventory can be used not only by dragging on the possible use of space, but also to try to combine them by dragging one thing to another.
At the top right of the screen are auxiliary buttons with which you can go to the main menu, go to the menu with a map of the area, switch from day to night, and even connect your etheric vision that is not available to anyone else. In the dialog box, there are two options that you can use to communicate with all the people met by cute and friendly or rude and pushy.

Features Dark Stories Midnight Killer for Android:

  • Unpleasant and frightening atmosphere of the brutal murder of a little girl;
  • Day and night with developments and new characters;
  • Localization in 5 languages;
  • The advanced dialog system;
  • Help c summary of the main points in the gameplay and interactive mode;
  • Synchronisation via Facebook;
  • Two variant ending story.
Immediately upon opening the game there is a desire to close it because of the graphics pretty low quality, and the lack of any animation. In addition, the complication of the plot is very much a high tension accounts for a very long walk in the same places, just waiting for new characters, as well as the ability to use one or the other thing. Also, in the process, we have seen some bugs that the developers promise to fix it, but so far it is difficult to understand, the game was not on because of a bug, or because of difficulties in the passage.
Summary. Dark Stories: Midnight Killer - and evokes the mystical blood quest for Android, where you have to investigate another murder, certainly out of the ordinary crime. If you like the subject and there are no contraindications, the game is suitable for time-wasters. Advertising can be removed for a dollar or suffer in every scene, removing it in very little time by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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