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Color Zen
Color Zen
Color Zen
Color Zen
Color Zen
Color Zen

Review Color Zen

Sergei Petrov
Color Zen - pleasant in the design and supply puzzle for Android on logic, which will have to deal with flowers, abstract solving puzzles. Stylish game ranks high in the rankings of family games and charts the most popular puzzle games.
Bright, original and unlike any other game that is really addictive, especially if you like the soundtrack from the eminent producer and is the relaxed atmosphere that the developers have tried to create. We recommend a minimum of poprobvat!


So, the basic and required task in the game - fill the screen with the color that is shown on the edges. That is, what color you see on the screen borders, that in the end and has to fill the entire screen. The screen will most often are various shapes, strips and shapes within shapes. Getting rid of all by turns, you have to make the final color would be required in the condition of the color.
Sounds pretty clear, but on more than evident thanks to intuitive operation, and not the most difficult task in the logic. Therefore, connect, move and bringing forth triangles, squares, circles and so on. Those figures and objects that can be moved will be highlighted halo. White objects are compatible with any other color, that is filled with white and black pieces destroyed with any other color. Also, there are objects with a shield in the form of a dotted line, they are protected from interaction as long as you do not remove the protection of a double click.
By double-clicking on the screen you can always go to the menu of passable level. If you could not pass a level, and at the end of the color does not match the desired color of the border, you will immediately be asked to take the level again. Note the sequence and used their missteps, and then make adjustments to achieve the desired result. If necessary, you can always consult the rules by clicking on the icon with a question mark and going to the guide.

Features Color Zen for Android:

  • Zen atmosphere and stylish interface;
  • The two main topics, divided into levels: classical and nature;
  • 120 levels in classic main theme;
  • Original graphics solution and the levels that are similar to a mosaic;
  • Pleasant and quality music from a producer from Brooklyn and multi-instrumentalist, Steve Woodzell;
  • Localization in 11 languages;
  • Various pieces of different objects depending on the colors.
I would like to wish the further development of the game in the form of new levels, and most importantly, the. Surely, most of all enjoy what they see here. However, such a good impression then able to go to the tedium of repeatedly performing the same task. And the level has been for the most part very quickly. It would not hurt to add kakih-nibud chips, and in general, to develop the project with new themes and directions.


Color Zen - quality meditative puzzle game for Android in the alignment and color conversion, as well as for the development of logic. After the free passage of a classic theme, you can try out the theme with nature, which contains 5 chapters and one hundred levels. But the test will be given only the first few levels, and the rest will have to buy a dollar for each topic. Also, for the money you will be able to skip any number of levels and move immediately to a more difficult task.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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