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I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero
I Need A Hero

Review I Need A Hero

Sergei Petrov
I Need A Hero - a colorful mixture of RPG and puzzle three in a row
I Need A Hero - an epic journey to save the princess in a beautiful game for Android. In this game, well, you just will not be bored, by combining two popular genres (RPG and three in a row), as well as a huge number of enemies, obstacles and bonuses with awards. Are you ready to be a hero?
History, in general, it is easy to impossible, but it is very beautiful and interesting beaten. Of course, the dragon stole and imprisoned the beautiful princess in the highest tower. And in order to save her and get to the promised place, you still have a lot of tests and win a large number of other, less dangerous, but no less fun enemies.
Start your journey to save the princess from the battle you with a scarecrow, and after that you will meet with such creatures as witches, goblins, dragons, minotaurs, and so on. All the creatures and monsters have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to use them against them in any battle, noticing when and how best to attack. Goblin, for example, attacks only when it is full scale aggression, that is, after a certain time. For every battle you will be charged a certain number of stars on a scale.
At every level and every monster you will have your chips, bonuses and types of collections. If successful, the destruction of a large number of skulls, frogs, pumpkins and other collections, you will earn points, which are then given the right to hit the monster. Also, at each level, you can use the spell books, soup of arms (in the form of a fiery ball, for example), and other bonuses if they involve the destruction of collections. If you have some time bezdeystvuete, you will be given tips translucent, the color of the collection can be destroyed next.
For each additional task, in which you will need to collect as much of a particular resource, you will be given a reward. In these tasks for you will work your brave assistant, and not by you. Therefore, the time is limited to one game, and a game of this additional task can be once a certain amount of time (once an hour usually) not too tired to our dedicated employee. After passing the level or activity you can get the reward, opening trunk directly on the map travel.

Features I Need A Hero for Android:

  • Travel map with game levels and intermediate tasks;
  • Lively music and colorful graphics;
  • A large number of power-ups and abilities for a super attack;
  • The rewards for the successful fulfillment of tasks and defeating monsters;
  • Shop with an arsenal where you can buy and upgrade your sword, shield, protection, and so on;
  • Various books of magic that appear on the playing field in recruiting a certain number of points on the level;
  • Different abilities, methods of attack and weakness in various monsters;
  • League of the greatest heroes of the table the best results.
Equipment for our hero, of course, bought a very napryazhno, because the seller and the master rolled into one very much greedy for money. This is the only thing that can be attributed to the shortcomings of happiness. And that is not such a disadvantage and, given the fact that the game is very easy passage without much bleeding hero. As for the rest, just not something to complain about, I want to wish the speedy continuing and new levels.
Summary. I Need A Hero - a fun and addictive game for Android with a very fascinating story and qualitatively developed gameplay, which successfully merged RPG and three or more in a row. Love the idea with the various leagues and the embedding of real money is not necessary for passage. The game is credited with such epithets as "a masterpiece" and "the best of its kind", and for good reason, addictive game for hours, just can not tear myself away! Recommended!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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