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Fight Me!
Fight Me!
Fight Me!
Fight Me!
Fight Me!
Fight Me!
Fight Me!

Review Fight Me!

Sergei Petrov
Fight Me! - Is a fun game for Android, combining genres such as arcade and RPG. We will participate in a variety of battles against the Vikings, dragons and various monsters. The game is also interesting in that it has a online mode that will allow us to compete in the arena with live players.
Development of the game has been well-known Russian-language studio Alawar Entertainment, presented us with more than a dozen high-quality games of various genres, including arcade Zeus Defense and simulator Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Domain .
The new game developers have decided to develop the gameplay and the basic idea of ​​the acclaimed hit Shake Spears, where the player can participate in interesting knightly battles, driving a spear and shield. Here we will have almost the same, but with a more complex combat system, as well as a full-fledged pumping hero.


Every fight in the game consists of several rounds (heats), each of which we have a few seconds to determine that we will protect the shield, and in the place struck a blow to the enemy.
To control the attack and defense, there are two panels on the left there are three icons of protection. By choosing the lower icon, we will protect your feet, the middle icon - protecting the torso and chest, and the top icon - is the protection of the head. Right likewise are icons to attack the upper, middle, and bottom.
Our goal is to quickly understand what protection and expose our enemy attack. In fact, the choice is given only a few seconds, and we have to give the installation after our opponent to attack him in a vulnerable position, and set the protection, where it will hit. This can be understood by looking at the enemy, the position of the sword and the shield will tell you everything.
Initially it will be available to only a single game and the passing of the mission. After receiving several levels, we will be ready to the fun - to fight with other opponents that will be selected on the basis of your level.

Features Fight Me! for Android:

  • Colorful HD-graphics;
  • Excellent hand-drawn characters and the world;
  • Create a unique hero (sex selection, clothing, hairstyles, color);
  • The single player campaign and online mode;
  • A mixture of arcade and RPG (improving, a full inventory);
  • Ability to hire manual animal;
  • Online records.
Summary. Fight Me! - This is another colorful and addictive arcade game for Android by studio Alawar. Despite its simplicity, the game can take you on a lot of hours and days, so be careful. The game is completely free, without ads, but with the option to buy some items for real money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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