Dragons' Journey
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Dragons' Journey
Dragons' Journey
Dragons' Journey
Dragons' Journey
Dragons' Journey
Dragons' Journey
Dragons' Journey

Review Dragons' Journey

Sergei Petrov
Dragons' Journey - very cute game for Android with beautiful graphics, interesting and fun gameplay, and most favorite topics about dragons. The game has a lot of power-ups and obstacles, as well as insert cute comic style.
So, in this game you have to bring home all the stray dragons of different species and different behavior, avoiding enemy ambushes and looking for treasure. Dragons in this game can be controlled with just one finger, on the road to collect magic items, and other bonuses on the levels.


At each level, you are 5 lives and a certain amount of dragons that you need to collect in one cave. The difficulty lies in the fact that you can not let the dragons fly out of the playing field, while the dragon is considered to be lost, and you remove one life. Also, you can not give the dragons and face it, you guessed it, again, is you facing dragons lives.
If you pick up a mushroom in a mushroom, your dragon will double, if not more. It is highly desirable to select as dragon eggs, gold, and other bonuses. Some things on the map as traps with crystals inside, for example, are able to kill dragons. And after taking the potion bottle, dragons become collision protection, as it were transparent. The most fun starts at higher levels when the number of different dragons are very large, and there are new obstacles. For example, in love dragons that follow everywhere paired with the objects of their love.
For, to the dragon flew into the house, it should be directed to your finger across the map. Just click on the point and our dragon flies strictly in the selected direction. After each level, you will earn points. Their number depends on whether you have time to collect all bonuses and time to have all the dragons in the cave. Be very careful and prudent in the pursuit of bonuses do not let the dragons fly or run, because bonuses are often located in the most awkward and distant location.

Features Dragons' Journey for Android:

  • 4 different locations on the playing field;
  • Very nice, high quality and beautiful graphics;
  • A wonderful portrayal of the characters and cute dragons;
  • A large number of power-ups and obstacles;
  • The ability to synchronize with Facebook or Twitter;
  • Funny insert a picture in the form of a comic book describing the features of the new levels;
  • 5 types of dragons with their own characteristics and peculiarities of management;
  • Intuitive and easy control.
In this case it is possible for a long time looking for flaws, but most do not wish to change, even after a very long and painstaking research. Initially available free of charge only one location, and the gameplay is so fascinated by the first stage, he did not even notice how quickly you pass all the levels in it and you start to think, enough already saw you buying the full version and not get bored any time soon to play in the following locations after the purchase.


Dragons' Journey - perfectly drawn game for android on the Dragon, which is implemented perfectly original idea of ​​gameplay, how to captivate fans of any genre. In the Trial-version of the game is only one location, and all the rest can only be played after release for $ 1. The game will appeal to all, without exception, both adults and children. We encourage you to try out!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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