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Release date: 06 Jul 2013 Version: 1.0.2 Size: 11 Mb


Sergei Blyudov
Heal and adorn all monsters
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov(tested 21 Jul 2013 on ASUS Nexus 7 (2013))
Monster Doctor - children's game for Android, in which everyone can find themselves in the role of a dentist who treats a variety of monsters, such as mummies, zombies and vampires. Simple controls and fun animation brightens not the most pleasant subject for children.
Especially enjoy the simulator dentist for children and adolescents. Everything is there for them: butterfly hairpins, flowers, colorful cans and so on. And with each item if it is to handle, there is a picture, in which case it should be used and for what. During the removal of obstacles and monsters are fun to shake at all, strongly express their emotions during the passage of doctors.


There is in our clinic for monsters only two studies: for the dentist and for all other manipulations with monsters. In the room there are seven kinds of dental instruments in the initial stage used for whitening, removing stuck food particles, removing bruising extractions, as well as for filling the mouth with water and vice versa, dehumidification of the oral cavity. After all his teeth repaired and most unpleasant behind, you can decorate your teeth in different colors, as well as add design to your taste at any tooth as you wish. By clicking on the next arrow will take you to the last step, in which you can add accessories monsters or something to paint on.
At the doctor's office, there are six tools available to make the monsters healthy appearance. Here you can begin to drip red eye, remove the bruises under his nose, red sores, apply ice for bumps, bruises stick a plaster on and get stuck in the monster extra items that stick out from the back. Clicking on the arrow to the next step, you also, as in the dentist's room, you can add any drawing monsters or accessory, and you can take a picture of it for the story. If you do not like the results at a later stage, there is also a tool in the form of gum to remove all unnecessary.
Especially fun looking time pulling teeth or pulling out all extraneous items from our unfortunate monsters. In order to pull an object or a tooth, you need to take proper tools, and then start to shake your smartphone. Thus, from our shake is rocking the tooth or the extra stuff in the back of monsters, then they quietly removed forever.

Features Monster Doctor for Android:

  • The specific theme, not only unpleasant for many children, but also adults;
  • 4 different kinds of monsters to choose from: zombie, mummy, vampire, snowman;
  • 2 types of surgeries in the clinic for monsters: the dentist and the doctor-therapist;
  • Various tools for the treatment of monsters in each office;
  • Funny animations and cool voice of monsters;
  • Easy navigation and intuitive gameplay;
  • You can save photos already cured and decorated with monsters.
It is impossible not to notice the similarity too much of the game with one of the last products of the studio called "Crazy Dentist". The difference is perhaps that the fact that the patients there were real people, not monsters. Developers may be advisable to do not much like each other's games and try your hand at a variety of genres, or at least come up with more new in the gameplay.
In addition, given that the game is more for children, especially ugly looks huge amount of advertising that occurs at every turn and almost every transition. Of course, the children will be very difficult to avoid instead of clicking the banner ads that are not so easy to close. Impression of the game so badly spoiled intrusive and annoying advertisements.
Summary. Monster Doctor - specific to the amateur game for Android, which will appeal to those who are not afraid of doctors and dentists, and not averse to try yourself in the role. Adults and serious people to play hardly fancy, but the kids will surely consider it at least fun and spend some time tidying and decorating favorite monsters.

Final grades

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphic 6/10
Sound 6/10

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