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Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly
Jungle Fly

Review Jungle Fly

Sergei Blyudov
Jungle Fly - is an exciting game in the genre of "Runner", which for Android coming out every day for a few pieces, but not all get on our site. This game we liked the fact that here we do not run, as it usually is, and fly, or rather, flying away from the big terrible dragon, playing for a small beautiful bird.
Game development studio is engaged CrazyGame, who tried to copy the legendary throughout the game Temple Run , here it is shown in the graph, the gameplay, even in the sounds all reminiscent of the original masterpiece. That's only the thrill of the game completely different, it's one thing to run, and the other - soar in the air.
The graphics in the game are not the best quality, but it looks pretty decent. By the way, even here, the developers gathered ideas from a variety of sources, we can see, for example, the flying chunks of the island, as it was in the movie Avatar.


Control of the game is very simple: by using the slopes we control the position of the birds in the sky, and up and down gestures are responsible for a small rise (jump) and landing (slip). Turns in the game, we'll just fly straight. As obstacles will be performing a variety of trees, branches, rocks, chunks flying and much more.
Feels like the game is very difficult, no instructions and prompts, and so are not obvious obstacles that the first five minutes of flight time was less than 30 seconds. One gets the feeling that the bird flies slightly above the obstacles, but in fact it crashes, and it is constantly misleading.
You will also need long to get used to the gameplay, because the developers have tried to make the most of it like a real flight, hence the delayed reaction to jump and glide. All this must be done in advance, so that the bird had time to make a maneuver.

Features Jungle Fly for Android:

  • Decent 3D-graphics;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Simple operation;
  • Buying different bonuses and advancement;
  • Collect coins;
  • Sound is taken from the Temple Run.
The disadvantages of the game include a large amount of advertising that is always displayed at the bottom as a small banner and a large banner, slipped while surfing on the main menu. It's very frustrating, given that all the games of this genre usually without ads and earn exclusively on in-game purchases. And here insolent developers in both at the same.
Summary. Jungle Fly - it is an average quality "Runner" to Android, which will appeal only if you love flying and bird control. The game is able to captivate the game for 1-2 hours, but no more.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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