Monster Shooter 2
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Monster Shooter 2
Monster Shooter 2
Monster Shooter 2
Monster Shooter 2
Monster Shooter 2
Monster Shooter 2
Monster Shooter 2
Monster Shooter 2

Review Monster Shooter 2

Sergei Petrov
Monster Shooter 2 - is a long-awaited continuation of one of the most dynamic action games for Android, top-view. Our valiant team of monsters once again returns to the earth, to kill hundreds of thousands of opponents and arrange a real bloody mess.
Development of the game has been our favorite studio Gamelion, created the hit game such as SpeedX 3D and Doodle Fit . All studios have always been high-quality graphics and thought-out gameplay, let's see what awaits us in this game.


Developers do not have to change the tradition, we have all of the same dynamic shooting with a view from above. The game consists of a variety of different levels, each of which we cleaned the area from various monsters.
As the game progresses, we will improve the weapons, acquire new weapons, super wear different costumes, use grenades, mines and all sorts of abilities. Results in the game are about 20 different options for weapons, this includes shotguns, rifles, machine guns, lasers, rocket launchers, and more.
Management at Monster Shooter 2 is very simple and convenient. In the lower left corner is a virtual joystick, responsible for movement and aiming. On the right is a button to attack and additional buttons to change weapons, activation grenades, mines and various abilities.
The game begins with the passage of history, where we are waiting for a little hackneyed plot and straightforward gameplay. A total of 80 levels of the game, which will last for a few hours of gameplay. After passing through the story mode you can try your hand at survival mode and endless play.

Features Monster Shooter 2 for Android:

  • High-quality HD-graphics;
  • Convenient control character;
  • More than 20 varieties of weapons;
  • Playing in cooperative mode with friends;
  • Exciting boss fights;
  • Three modes of play;
  • Destroyed the game world;
  • The unique sound.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed only to the fact that the game has become more greedy for money player, unlike in previous parts. The full game now can not buy only the model Free2play, and to get comfortable with the game, will have a $ 01.02 purchase powerful weapons.
Summary. Monster Shooter 2 - continuation of the good quality shooter for Android, which has improved graphics, gameplay, it is much bigger opponents, as well as increased dynamic gameplay. There are minor errors, but this is due to the fact that the game is still being tested, soon it will fix everything.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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it doesn't work it=n canvas 4, waste of time and download of 500MB
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