Smash Spin Rage
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Smash Spin Rage
Smash Spin Rage
Smash Spin Rage
Smash Spin Rage
Smash Spin Rage
Smash Spin Rage
Smash Spin Rage

Review Smash Spin Rage

Sergei Petrov
Smash Spin Rage - a dynamic action game for Android, in which we will operate a large iron mace, which was once possessed by the spirit of the living and the mighty war. We have to go through many trials, collect all the runes, defeat huge bosses, and perform a variety of interesting missions in unique locations.
Game development studio is engaged Iddiction, which managed to create one of the most beautiful on the current games. The graphics in the game is rapidly approaching the level of the console, which makes us very happy, because we really enjoyed the bright and detailed image.


You can control the game process with one finger. To get the mace to move, it must grasp a finger, and then specify the destination. To attack mace to unwind, and for a powerful attack to hold your finger in one place for a few seconds. Management mace made taking into account all of physics, therefore being developed very quickly.
In the battle against monsters and skeletons, most importantly do not let them close to the purple ball and do not let them cut the chain between us and blunt tip. It is good that we have a clear advantage in speed and agility to catch us hard. And when the club spins, then go and do not.
Over time, we will have additional opportunities to emerge, such as accelerated promotion, a stunning, lightning strikes and more. Their need for pumping a lot of gold, so do not forget to break the boxes, vases and anything else that can be broken.

Features Smash Spin Rage for Android:

  • Excellent 3D-graphics;
  • Stunning animation effects;
  • Realistic physics and destruction of objects;
  • More than 20 unique levels;
  • Dozens of bosses;
  • Improving and bleeding arms;
  • Various magical abilities;
  • Localization of the game in several languages.
The main drawback of the game is of high complexity, at each level, we have only three lives, and already have to buy extra for gold, which ends very quickly. Thus, we are continuously fed to the purchase of virtual gold for real money, and asked quite a decent amount.
Summary. Smash Spin Rage - a quality action game for Android, which affects the beauty of its graphics and excellent gameplay. The game is distributed for free, but be prepared for the high complexity and the fact that soon you will be required with real money for additional life.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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