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Candy Play
Candy Play
Candy Play
Candy Play
Candy Play
Candy Play
Candy Play
Candy Play
Candy Play

Review Candy Play

Sergei Petrov
Candy Play - colorful puzzle about sweets and desserts for Android, which easily can be played with just one hand, but not so easy to keep within the given 60 seconds. The original special effects, nice beat bonuses and funny characters will make your leisure time even more positive.
So, the main and primary objective - to earn the most points within a limited period of time. If you do not understand, you can always use the help, which explains step by step all the basic rules of candy fight.


At the top of each candy painted arrow pointing in different directions: up, down, left and right. So to start looking candies three identical color, and then press the chocolate buttons in the correct sequence so as to generate exactly the same bundle. And you can start with any candy of your choice, if in the end they form a combination.
In that case, if you make a mistake when dialing the combination, you will hint that the first you need to click on another button. At each game is given only one life, which is recovered over time anew for a new game. There is a bonus can also speed up the process of gathering points and progress through the levels. For example, Magic Bomb destroys all the candy around.
The main feature is that it is not necessary to repeat all the buttons in tandem, each time you need to press only three times, starting with the button combination to which you have chosen yourself. At this point, will highlight all similar sweets with the same arrow all colors are available in the field. The rest of the candies of the same color will be destroyed in the bundle are automatically without your intervention. If you run out of moves, and no more tangles chocolates for destruction, then you are prompted to reload the home screen with new combinations.

Features Candy Play for Android:

  • Bright, original design, especially enjoyable for children and adolescents;
  • Funny characters in the form of sweet jelly, candy, cakes and other desserts;
  • Destruction of candy and three more in a row with a combination of arrows;
  • Highlight all the sweets with the same arrows at the beginning of the combinations available to the destruction;
  • Battle with friends, showing the results on the honor roll;
  • A variety of sweet bonuses and amplifiers of the result;
  • Sweet bonus for the destruction of more than three candies in a bunch;
  • Highlighting bonuses and special sweets on the playing field.
Many may call this eye-catching design and use sounds too sweet and intrusive. Not everyone will like as constant reminders and pop-up windows from the characters.
In addition, as we have noted, there are a limited number of lives to the game, which are replenished only with time or are purchased within the game for real money. That is, it is the same energy, presented in a new form. Virtually all bonus chips also purchased for the money.
Summary. Candy Play - cute and colorful game from the category of three in a row for Android in the new gay processing on sweets. The game can certainly improve the speed of reaction and thinking through the introduction of a sequence of arrows. Funny characters and juicy pictures like most children and adolescents. Not bad and not straining for a fun game while away.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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