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Noom Walk
Noom Walk
Noom Walk
Noom Walk
Noom Walk
Noom Walk
Noom Walk
Noom Walk
Noom Walk

Review Noom Walk

Sergei Petrov
Noom Walk - an easy-to-use pedometer for Android developers from the studio Noom Inc., Which is famous for this kind of useful household and helping in different areas of life applications. Are you still driving around in a lazy and transport instead of walking on foot? Install and motivate the benefit of yourself and your family!
The basic idea of ​​the application - the motivation to take walks, activity, sport, that is to the very steps that are hard for you to be considered. Besides the fact that you yourself begin to keep track of your activity, you can also call their friends or add one of those who are currently using the application, to arrange a very real competition on the number of steps taken.

The interface and the possibility of

Sign in will fail, before you get access to all the features. This can be done through a Google account, Facebook, or manually by entering your name, mailbox and password. If for any reason you do not want to share their information on the number of steps and so on, the settings in the top left corner of the screen, you can create a private mode of use. Here mzhno disable or enable active notification of the application.
Inside the application on the home page you can navigate through the tabs in the menu to the steps today, a week, a month or for the entire period. In the end there is a tab with the day on which you have set up your personal best in steps. On the page you can leave a message about the specific day that you have done and in what mood, for example.
What pleased, because it is an opportunity to participate in the community, dedicated to the application where you can not just leave your feedback, but also to bring their ideas for further development and refinement of the pedometer. There are constant sorts vote on what should be improved and that it would not hurt to add.

Features Noom Walk for Android:

  • Easy check-in three different ways;
  • Auto counting steps;
  • Ability to comment and evaluate their results and those of friends;
  • Sverhekonomnoe battery usage - less than 2% of the energy;
  • Displays the results of the day, week, month and all time used;
  • All-out table of results in the world;
  • Complete free and no ads.
Deficiencies and shortcomings of the program and also very, very much. Been observed that sometimes the program counts the steps, which actually was not, and vice versa, can not deduct, that is not work in certain cases. Pretty funny that the steps are sometimes considered simply due to a sharp shake, or another activity.
In addition, some devices seen full decontamination program after going into sleep mode, you lock the screen smartphone. Simply put, once the lights go out, the program will cease to count the steps. In general, is clearly needed for the full completion of satisfactory use.


Noom Walk-promising in terms of usefulness and purpose of the program on the pitch count for Android. Low rating due to flaws and lags, which are quite fixable. In general, all suggest that you set a similar application for the motivation to further activity. A healthy lifestyle in every family!

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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