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Review 10000000

Sergei Petrov
10000000 - a great time-killer in a new, fresh feed in the form of a merger of the two most popular genres for Android. If you like the design and layout, the game will tighten with incredible force, beware!
Name of the game is due account you want to dial in order to earn their freedom. Overall, the game can be called, if not a masterpiece, it is quite a good representative of the genre. And it is so addictive that you can pass all the levels in a few hours, and after - zealously require supplements from the developer.


From the outset, it is clear that the need for a victory not just defeat all the enemies, but also to repair all of the doors in the castle, as well as to monitor the health of his character, which must be replenished after an unsuccessful meeting with opponents. If you need to open the boxes with the right things or the doors that need to connect the keys. With the image of a skeleton key to open the lock at the same time two at a time.
To attack an enemy, you need to connect three or more icons with swords. To attack a monster, you need to connect icons with wands, and to learn new things, to combine icons portfolios. If you miss hitting or standing still, you will be charged a penalty in time, but the successful completion of all the obstacles without a hitch gives a temporary bonus.

10000000 Features for Android:

  • Infinite gameplay as long as you do not run out all the time;
  • The original eight-bit style on the fan;
  • Music of the old format, as if "from the good old past";
  • The main requirement - quick response and immediate decision-making;
  • About 20 types of monsters to battle;
  • About 60 goals to achieve, improve your skills and accounts;
  • The ability to use shields instead of wasting time in case of successful attacks of enemies;
  • Collect gems and timber to repair and improve your castle.
The main chips game, exactly as well as distinguish it from others, and also make her service in terms of originality, can serve above all else and the main drawbacks. Specificity of graphics and design will not all users. It is noticed that the eyes are simply tired of such clearance, carrying off the player in the 80's, when there was a choice of graphical level for games.
Summary. 10000000 - Beat the great storyline and a variety of additional non-boring action game for Android from the genre of three in a row, wherein its filing with the RPG. Some may scare off an unusual eight-bit style, but overall the game just find its fans and the fans. In this case, the new, as "well-forgotten old" embodied really original and fresh.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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