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Bug Rush
Bug Rush
Bug Rush
Bug Rush
Bug Rush
Bug Rush

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Bug Rush
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Review Bug Rush

Sergei Blyudov
Bug Rush - is a fun game in the genre of Tower Defense for Android, which we have to help the plant to build a defense and to save their crops from the invasion of a variety of insects. In the form of towers will be performing a variety of plants that have unique properties and types of attacks.
Game development studio is engaged Four Pixels, which released such hits games like Dragon Fly and Air Control . Guys do not often make us happy game releases, and we are delighted that it has finally happened. The graphics in the game is pretty bad, as in other games of this developer, but the most important - the gameplay. It is due to his past games have been downloaded and installed tens of millions of times.


Before us is a classic game in the genre of Tower Defense. Fortunately, unlike many competitors, there must be not just lazily build towers and improve them, but also to create mazes. It keeps all the mazes on the success of a Level and on your ability to build them as confusing.
Management in the Bug Rush is very simple and is no different from other games of this genre. For the construction of the tower to drag the folder icon on the field. As the money is used seeds that are extracted from the dead insects.
The towers in the game are divided into several types - single shot, slow down, the tower with a mass attack, attack towers in radius and more. Most pleased with the fact that each tower can be improved up to a few times. Furthermore, after passage levels we obtain special glasses, which can improve some parameters of individual or all the towers in general.

Features Bug Rush for Android:

  • Simple operation;
  • A variety of towers;
  • Opportunity to improve the tower;
  • A large collection of unique enemies of insects;
  • Bleeding additional skills;
  • 8 unique cards;
  • Construction of labyrinths.
The main drawback of the game is that every card we will be forced to pass on a few times at different levels of complexity, before open the next level. This was done in order not to stretch the longest game. Not to mention the graphics, even the sound of the game just for the amateur, but it fortunately can be turned off.
Summary. Bug Rush - a game for Android average quality in the genre of Tower Defense, which will appeal to those who like to build mazes of towers. The game is distributed as a free version with ads and a paid version without ads for $ 1. Instead, the paid version would you recommend we buy better Kingdom Rush , a better game in every sense.

Final grades

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphic 6/10
Sound 4/10

Reviews in other languages ​​and platforms

Сергей Блюдов
Сергей Блюдов - 6.6/10 (Bug Rush для Android)
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