DaVinci 2 Renaissance
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DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance
DaVinci 2 Renaissance

Review DaVinci 2 Renaissance

Sergei Petrov
DaVinci 2 Renaissance - a complex game with lots of puzzles, brainteasers and just ridiculous questions Thinking for Android with nicely and comfortably furnished tips. The game is designed to develop your logic, thinking, creativity and multi-tasking.
Mathematics, logic, technology, incredible inventions, art, and even pirates - here with what you have to face and on what topics to unravel the mysteries within this really useful and interesting game. You are not afraid of difficulties and be ready to work as a brain? Is Leonardo da Vinci, a genius and a great interest in history? Then do not pass by, it is likely that you will enjoy the game!


To solve the task, it is necessary as you do is you do not have three tokens in a row to exhibit. In the case of the puzzles in the bill you directly in the game in the top left window, it is possible to click on the icon on which you will fall into the calculator. If an incorrect answer in the middle of the screen a window will appear with the word "try again." Each correct guess the answer there is an application with an explanation of why it is so and not otherwise.
In the case of the free version you have no clues, but there are 13 correct answers that you can use if the solution is not. Also, you can use the icon to go to the drawing mode - it can be quite useful in solving specific problems were. In a category called "Pirates" you can poreshat job only after buying the paid version.

Features DaVinci Renaissance 2 for Android:

  • Unique design in the style of medieval Europe;
  • The most surprising facts about the Da Vinci;
  • Colorful interactive tag;
  • Original and rare puzzles;
  • 11 free levels for different categories;
  • Localization in three languages ​​- Russian, Chinese, English;
  • Nice theme music that does not detract from the gameplay;
  • Share accomplishments and information, through the most popular social network.
It must be noted that the free part, of course, much lower than the paid and complexity and volume, which can form a wrong impression for most users. And new levels are available in the free version can not be held in any order. Each level can only pass on the achievement of the previous two tasks in each category.
Also, all the additional information in the form of details about the life of Leonardo da Vinci will become available only when making certain achievements, opening in turn. It's a bit frustrating and even discourages, especially people who are used to getting everything at once.
Summary. DaVinci 2 Renaissance - an easy and exciting game for the development of thought and ingenuity for Android, ready to help stretch your abilities and all gyrus. In this case, the developers decided to lure the player in-game purchase in an elegant way: to provide a choice of buying the full version without ads with all levels, the answers to several questions, the answers to most questions, and access to all levels, but with advertising.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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