Shattered Minds Encore
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Shattered Minds Encore
Shattered Minds Encore
Shattered Minds Encore
Shattered Minds Encore
Shattered Minds Encore
Shattered Minds Encore

Review Shattered Minds Encore

Sergei Petrov
Shattered Minds Encore - an interesting hidden object game for Android is about a mysterious magician, which has a very outstanding abilities to steal items, leaving little clues and traces from one of the leaders in the casual games market.
So, suddenly, all over the world begin to disappear the most famous monuments and cultural sites such as the Colosseum in Rome, the Pyramids in Egypt and so on. In order not to provoke a general panic, stop the mysterious kidnapper, leaving only his card at the crime scene. Therefore, as a detective we have to investigate the case, helping the French police to keep their most important value and pride - the Eiffel Tower.


The first task in the investigation on arrival for us will be to find out how to stop the car in a strange box set by that most mysterious kidnapper. With a magnifying glass, we can approximate any article for a more thorough inspection. All the clues along with a description of the events as always stored in the main magazine.
If you choose the advanced level of the game, then you will need to use the clues to three times longer than usual. If you decide to supercomplex level, then there is no help at all will not be able to use. For orientation, you can use the map of the area, but in order to use the items, just take them out of the inventory and bring to a desired location.
Just as in any quest in finding items and solving puzzles: find objects in the story scenes, solve puzzles, find all the required things in the scenes with the search for and connect all the keys in the chain together. If something is not clear in the gameplay, you can go through basic training with an indication of what and how to do.

Features Shattered Minds Encore for Android:

  • The investigation of mystical things about the disappearance of cultural monuments;
  • 14 bright and beautiful hidden object scenes;
  • 20 different puzzles in the story;
  • Finding hints and clues in the most beautiful parts of France, in Paris;
  • 3 modes of play: regular, advanced, supercomplex;
  • Ability to set the mode of the game for those who have dominated the left hand.
No really stood out in the game of shortcomings we have not noticed. Decent music, the normal schedule, the average level of the puzzle, intuitive, and overall very addictive gameplay. But not to say that something straight out of a discharge. Just another quality product, almost nothing stands in the line of the developer, as well as in a number of games of this genre.
Summary. Shattered Minds Encore - a pretty good quest for Android with user friendly interface, which tells about the mysterious kidnapper-illusionist. Nothing sverhinteresnogo, but fans of the genre certainly attract all at a decent level. The full version without ads and all the scenes can be obtained by spending two dollars.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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