Treasures of the Deep
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Treasures of the Deep
Treasures of the Deep
Treasures of the Deep
Treasures of the Deep
Treasures of the Deep
Treasures of the Deep

Review Treasures of the Deep

Sergei Petrov
Treasures of the Deep - another colorful game of the genre of three in a row for Android on the underwater world. Special, underwater types of bonuses and achievements will satisfy fans of the genre.
Arabella, brave and cheeful girl decided to go in search of his father, a shell ship and crew. At a time when all of the missing crystals are found, it will be possible to find out where her father was gone. So, getting cards, we descend to the ocean floor and look for the rare shellfish, which are vital to us to produce crystals. If you're ready to dive, the puzzles and three more in a row are waiting for you!


The main objective of the game - to collect all the crystals in the level. To do this as quickly and efficiently, you need to destroy the very picture of a crystal inside, using it in one of the combinations of three or more in a row. Bonuses are also available immediately, but only after activation superpower in the collections three in a row.
During the game you can use different types of bonuses: increased power points, fish-urchin, time dilation, a golden bullet, a rainbow, a security guard, sochok. Bonus in the form of a fish blows up around 8 screens, and the slowing of time adds one minute to the gameplay. Golden bullet can destroy an entire row horizontally or vertically. Rainbow destroys pictures of the same color. And each of the available bonuses you can take with you on the same level, or temporarily use.

Features Treasures of the Deep for Android:

  • Global table of records;
  • A wide variety of bonuses and achievements;
  • 80 different levels, 8 of them - free of charge and provided for educational purposes;
  • Original exciting plot;
  • Various indicators to achieve the greatest result: the timer, the column filling by color for bonuses scale promotion on every level;
  • The obstacles of varying difficulty.
As always, all the bonuses in the game are purchased for gold coins. After passing the first eight levels you compulsively offer to purchase the full version of the game without advertising for one dollar. If you choose not immediately buy the full version, you just throw out the application without asking whether you want to continue to play in the initial levels again. In general, the whole process looks very unfriendly, if not unethical in relation to the casual user.
Summary. Treasures of the Deep - a nice design, but at the same time is not much different from their counterparts in the genre of the game from the field of three in a row for Android. Fans of the genre of the game can only advise that if you do not wish to spend a single dollar to the full version for free levels of 8, and then comes the present extortion.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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