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Review CRUSH

Sergei Petrov
CRUSH - a quality puzzle arcade game for Android, in which we will break down the speed of multi-colored blocks. In 2012, the puzzle was added to the list of games on the platform, the iOS, now it's time to get to know the owners of Android with this little masterpiece.
The game is made in a minimalist style and consists of only a few contrasting colors. Many such a design may scare, but we recommend to look video review, as in the movement you will see how beautiful and harmonious.


The idea of ​​the game is very simple, we have to press on the cluster of blocks, and then they disappear. Along with each press of the cluster units, the entire structure moves slightly forward, and the rear there are new blocks. Our task is to survive as long as possible and not let the blocks to the red line.
In CRUSH has two main game modes - easy and fast. In simple mode, we will have some time to think before making a move. But in high-speed mode blocks move to the red line is much faster, and there must be very fast to click on clusters of blocks of the same color.
Another interesting feature is that the outermost block rows in contact with each other, i.e. each side of the visible we mirroring the last row on the other side. If you hold your finger on the screen, the pop-up window, we will see the information about how many units can break down, and how much of it will be given points.
The developers have provided some templates games, you can use a horizontal orientation and vertical. This changes the very perception of the game, dice or move down or to the side.

Features CRUSH for Android:

  • High-quality HD-graphics;
  • The unique game design;
  • Atmospheric relaxing music;
  • Two modes of play;
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientations;
  • 6 different super powers.
The disadvantages of the game include a small number of modes and the lack of levels. In fact we two endless games available which differ from each other only by the speed with wall motion blocks.
Summary. CRUSH - a simple and addictive puzzle game for Android, which even does not have a unique idea, but delays due to quality of the gameplay and original design. The game is distributed on a minimum price of $ 1.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 6/10
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