Cut the Rope: Experiments
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Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Cut the Rope: Experiments

Review Cut the Rope: Experiments

Evgenii Kostrov
Cut the Rope: Experiments is a continuation of adventures Nyamaa Am, where you will find 150 more exciting levels. It seems that the previous owner had this funny little animals to splurge on candy and decided to fuse obzhorku far away. However, he did not make any secret of tastes sweet tooth and signed the note, which attached to the parcel nowhere as strongly Am Yum loves candy.
On the way to the post office box with the main character has fallen out of the truck, and the green kid again found himself at the door a stranger at home. It is not yet known, he was lucky in that or not, but the owner of the house was crazy professor who has long mayalsya boredom. It is impossible to describe what was his joy when he discovered the foundling. Because now there are over whom to experiment, and thus life will be much happier.
The professor, of course, read the note and immediately began to take action. If you remember, it was in the previous version of the game , then you will not be surprised of feeding candy Nyamaa Am. Albeit mostly wacky professor began to experiment not over the beast, and over those who want to enjoy a regular caramel. Quests in the game became really interesting and in some ways even more complex.
It is now up just will not be limited by cutting ropes. You have to understand the entire chain of interacting elements on the game field to move that sweetness Am Nyamu. In this game, the candy will fall, and fly (not just in the bubble, but the rocket), and even swim. You also have to do everything to make Yum Am choked with saliva and died of vexation because of the lost sweetness.


In graphic terms the game has not changed. Still - at a high level. From the new toy came in animation and sound, which is a comment of what is happening on the field the old professor.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Mayur05 Apr 2014, at 19:22Micromax A210 Canvas 4
It is not working on my canvas 4
Alexander Vorobyev
Hey! Can you provide more information on your problem? What is your device model? Does it display any error message?
rahul raparia
best games ever............
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