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Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game
Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game
Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game
Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game
Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game

Review Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game

Brandon Girod
A great minimalist theme, very interactive gameplay mechanics
The tutorial could do a better job explaining the mechanics
Minimalist themes are a pretty good way to my heart. I love mobile games that I simple yet tasteful. And it helps if the game mechanics are designed well enough to have a subtle depth to them that you don’t expect when you first boot up a game. It’s a good thing Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game for Android is very much all of those.
Much like the name implies, Ignis is a game all about setting things on fire. Every level is a little brain teaser that consists of simple shapes. Anywhere you touch on the shape will ignite it and begin burning the shape in both directions where the fuse will eventually meet. After that, an explosion happens and will ignite another shape if it is within a close enough radius. This is how you play Ignis, and the idea is to set off enough chain reactions that there is nothing left when you’re done.
If that premise sounds cool then good! This is really all there is to the game, and you’ll go from level to level doing this. Unfortunately, the game is a little bit of a slow burn, however. The tutorial doesn’t do a good job explaining what the actual point of the game is, which is kind of a bummer. Worse, the puzzles don’t really get that much more difficult as you play through. Sure, they get more complex, but the more obstacles on the screen, the easier it is to fit everything within the explosion radius. Puzzles that seem difficult at first glance are actually pretty simple.
Ignis - Brain Teasing Puzzle Game is a very good one of those. It teases you here and there, but it ultimately doesn’t require you to perform mental gymnastics to get through its many puzzles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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