Ravenhill Asylum HOG
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Ravenhill Asylum HOG
Ravenhill Asylum HOG
Ravenhill Asylum HOG
Ravenhill Asylum HOG
Ravenhill Asylum HOG
Ravenhill Asylum HOG

Review Ravenhill Asylum HOG

Sergei Petrov
Ravenhill Asylum HOG - a mysterious quest for Android is about the adventures of an abandoned hospital. Try to get out of the walls of the blood stirring the building, killing all the enemies and helping patients with their strange requests.
The first task will help a new friend rather frightening appearance, which prompted a search of the rooms in search of a knife in order to free their hands. It was he who teaches you to look for items, use the prompts, and so on. The second task will help to find a nice girl gown nurse so she could escape, as he considers himself completely healthy.


The game is full of cruelty and weirdness. Already in the first 10 minutes you have to contend with a serial killer, and the slaughter of his usual scalpel. The process does not show, but enough already that you will see this same maniac at the door and read about what he can do, if not stopped. The rest of the game is not much different from the kind of quests: wander through the rooms, do jobs, help the heroes in their strange requests and find all of the items from the list in each scene.
There are only 4 types of tips: Clover completing hidden object in every scene entirely finding them all at once, the timer stops the search time by 40 seconds, the bomb explodes only 3 hidden object from the list; eye helps to find just one item from the list.
By clicking on the icon in question in the lower right corner of the screen you will be able to navigate the menu, where detailed explanations of the main points of gameplay: the use of food, exploring the use of currency, communication with patients and enemies, picking up a collection and so on.

Ravenhill Asylum HOG Features for Android:

  • Frightening and strange characters;
  • A large number of bonuses and chips purchased with money;
  • Hall of Fame and the ability to chat with friends;
  • A variety of achievements in the peculiar atmosphere of madness;
  • 6 different avatars to choose from;
  • Special wall on which you can leave comments for yourself and your friends;
  • Several kinds of tips of varying degrees of assistance;
  • 5 seconds of delay in the case of chaotic instead of clicking the screen in search of subject matter;
  • Handy map to move from room to room;
  • Two game modes: normal and more severe.
Of the disadvantages can be listed, such as the presence of shoals of many small parts, small windows with pictures and results. It should be noted that even clicking on the cross in order to get out of the menu, the sometimes require many attempts just due to the small size of all the details and the need to point the crosshair. Simply put, the play is inconvenient, if only because they constantly have to strain trying to see everything that is drawn too small.
It's amazing, but the money in this game is starting to extort after the first two minutes of the game. The same sweet girl with whom you happen to talk to the second task, to announce that the entrance to the shower room is only possible when the third level. But if you want, you can now visit this very room for a nominal fee of $ 20 (originally it gives you a little more than 70 in-game currency, calculated in U.S. dollars).
As you can imagine, this trend will continue on. Anyway, the game has a lot of what you can spend your money - health, free entrance to the private rooms, food, alcohol, equipment and all sorts, it is very necessary stuff. And even if you hit the pause in the process of searching in the next room, in the background you will again include advertising of certain bonuses and chips, which again can be bought in the game.


Ravenhill Asylum HOG - the amateur game on the theme of hidden object and return to the mental hospital for Android, which it is very much overdone with fine details, objects and characters. Due to the abundance of all sorts of unpleasant characters and generally quite specific theme of the plot, is not advised to install this game to children and adolescents, as well as people with unstable mentality. Nothing terrible and horrible you do not show, but the atmosphere and the characters clearly not happy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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