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Camera 2
Camera 2
Camera 2
Camera 2
Camera 2
Camera 2
Camera 2
Camera 2

Review Camera 2

Sergei Petrov
Camera 2 - this is a very interesting camera app for Android, which allows real-time change the mode of a photo on one of the many vintage effects. Unlike many photo editors, here we can see the results before pressing the shutter button, not to mention the ability to compare different effects at a time.
The development program has been well-known to us studio JFDP Labs, which created such a popular program like Paper Camera (read the review on our website). Not surprisingly, their new application is again in the field.

The interface and the possibility of

The program has a very simple, minimalist interface. The right side of the screen are the standard buttons on the camera, switch on the video camera on the front, a button for settings available to make a photo shoot and a big button.
The most interesting thing on the left side - a lot of buttons with the subject of effects, which are broken down by year. When you click on the section with the effects on the Home screen grid appears, in which the image is displayed with the camera, but with the use of all of these different effects. Point the camera at the desired object, you can understand in a visual form, what kind of effect you need now, click on the area and then take the picture.
At first glance, Camera 2 is a complete delight, because in just a few seconds, you can proschelkal all live effects and choose your favorite treatment. This you will not see in many photo editors. The quality of photos taken at the same time higher than in post-processing.
Ah yes, the program allows you to use the full array of effects for video capture, and here begins the real magic. Choosing a black-and-white effect like old films, go outside and start shooting a busy road. And in the end we get a video that looks like a historical chronicle, but with modern features such as new cars, commercials and people. These features will love the people who love to mount various commercials and shoot your life on camera.

Features Camera 2 for Android:

  • The minimalistic interface;
  • Convenient selection of effects with instant previews;
  • A full set of effects of the last century;
  • Additional effects Lomo, Retro, Comic, Art, Sci-Fi, Computer;
  • Manual adjustment of the brightness, contrast and other parameters;
  • Supports video recording in any of the effects;
  • Capture high-resolution photos.
The disadvantages of the program can be attributed only to the lack of the free version, as well as the fact that the program works only on Android 4.0.3 and higher, respectively, holders of old smartphones will not be able to use this program.
Summary. Camera 2 - it's a great photo app for Android, which allows you to create a lot of good shots with the effects of an antique. The resulting pictures can be downloaded without treatment already in Instagram and enjoy lots of Like!

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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Marilyn Gregory
Marilyn Gregory06 Mar 2014, at 03:31HTC Magic
I just purchased this app and cannot get it to work either. I will not allow me to decide what I want to take a photo of… it just takes a picture for me!!! I only bought it because my Paper Camera is currently not working properly. Please help or sadly I will have to request a refund.
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