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Shooting Showdown
Shooting Showdown
Shooting Showdown
Shooting Showdown
Shooting Showdown
Shooting Showdown

Review Shooting Showdown

Sergei Petrov
Quality animation, quality 3d graphics
No significant shortcomings
Shooting Showdown - this is an interesting game for Android, made ​​in the genre of FPS, in which we will be testing a variety of weapons at numerous test sites, along with other players. Kill anyone in this game is not necessary, only the sharing of different tasks on speed and agility (shooting targets, mannequins, plates and much more).
Game development studio is engaged Naquatic, which had previously released a very successful game Guncrafter , in which we created the arms of the blocks, and then it was tested. This is a modified concept of the game, devoid of flaws and with better 3D-graphics.


The game starts from the moment of launch. We come to a small room where the walls around us hanging arms, various sketches jobs and a large door for entry into the online mode competition. Already here we can test the weapon, shoot and learn control.
To select something, you need to shoot an object, for example in order to buy new weapons. Management in the game by using the accelerometer tilting the device, we manage the sight, and tapping the screen - shoot. To reload, you must tilt the device down and hold your finger on the right edge of the screen, there will be a lever for reloading.
Jobs in Shooting Showdown fairly simple, but interesting. This may be aiming shooting mannequins, moving targets, plates in different parts of the test or the reaction, which must shoot the flashlight only when it turns green.
On-line competition (shoot at the door), we will connect with a random player, which we will carry out a specific task. See the player we can not, but we will see in real time how he shoots at targets.

Features Shooting Showdown for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • Unusual menu implementation;
  • Quality multiplayer without delay and with instant connection;
  • A large set of interesting jobs;
  • The unique physics of the game;
  • Several varieties of weapons - pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles;
  • Responsive controls using the accelerometer.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed too high a value of the weapons, because in order to buy himself a new machine will have at least two hours to take part in the competitions. In this case, you can buy virtual resources for real money.
Summary. Shooting Showdown - it's very high quality FPS game for Android, made in an unusual style and original manner. The game is different from anything we've seen in this genre. This is a complete online shooting range with a very interesting addictive gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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patel vijeta
Fantastic game..
this is cool
I. Would. Like. To. Download. This. Game
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