Slidey: Block Puzzle
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Slidey: Block Puzzle
Slidey: Block Puzzle
Slidey: Block Puzzle
Slidey: Block Puzzle
Slidey: Block Puzzle

Review Slidey: Block Puzzle

Brandon Girod
Wonderful animations, good depth to the gameplay mechanics
No additional game modes
Do you like Tetris? What about sliding block puzzle games? Well man, do I have the game for you! Slidey: Block Puzzle for Android is a puzzle game that creates an interesting mix of mechanics, taking the mechanics from sliding block games and forging them together with turn-based arcade games similar to what you might see in Tetris. It’s easier to understand if I break down the gameplay.
So the idea is that every new run will start with a few rectangles in various lengths along three rows. If you slide any of the rectangles or blocks then you’ll add a new row underneath you. If you fill up a row with blocks or rectangles then you’ll earn points and erase that row. Just like in Tetris, you can combo these for score multipliers, too. There is no end to any run outside of filling up the allotted space. The goal, however, is to get the highest score possible.
If it sounds difficult, it’s because it is. Fortunately, just below the new row that appears is a small white bar that will let you know what the next row looks like. Planning out your moves in the future will help you succeed. Failing to do so means you’ll probably end your run sooner than you expected. There are many power-ups to unlock in the game, too, that will help you get further and further into each run.
I really have no qualms with Slidey: Block Puzzle. It’s an absolutely pleasure to play and I was honestly surprised by how much fun I had with the game. The only real downside is that what you see is what you get. There isn’t much in terms of replayability, not that there necessarily needs to be, but something like pre-build levels you need to “solve” would be a really fun addition to the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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