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Review Monorama

Brandon Girod
Great minimal design, soothing color palette, few ads
Difficulty is a slow ramp
At this point, mobile games have reached critical mass. There are so many games coming out that many feel redundant, and have for quite a while. So every time I find something that feels fresh, it immediately sticks out in my mind. Monorama for Android isn’t that game, unfortunately. It’s a puzzle game that requires you to use numbers to fill out grids, which is a slightly novel take on an already existing game concept. That’s not a bad thing, though.
Monorama isn’t a bad game by any means, and if you haven’t played a game like this, you’ll enjoy it. Each level will start off with a shape constructed of squares. Some of the squares will have numbers. Your job is to fill all of these squares with numbers based on the existing numbers. Things get complicated, though. Similar to Sudoku, you can’t have two of the same numbers on the same row or column. So you really have to think about where you can go and plan out your moves ahead of time.
The game feels pretty good overall. I didn’t run into any ads and I really like the monotonous color scheme, though I’m sure other people will disagree. The game felt good to play and its minimalist design was definitely inspired by many games like it.
All that said Monorama is a fun puzzle game that will intrigue people who haven’t seen a concept like this in a game before, but it has a novel enough approach to capture the attention of puzzle game veterans, too.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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