Flick Home Run!
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Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!

Review Flick Home Run!

Sergei Petrov
Flick Home Run! - Is a fun arcade game for Android, in which we will beat the various baseballs with your finger. Each ball has its own unique physics of flight, so practically your every kick of the ball will be unique.
Game development studio is engaged infinitypocket, which released several previously not the most successful games with words. Flick Home Run became their first successful game that has gained immense popularity in the AppStore, and if there is distributed in two versions (paid and free), then Android is free, but ad-.


The essence of the game is very simple. Each hit burns a certain amount of lives, but they make up for the points received, our task - to hold out as long as possible and score maximum points to raise their level, to improve the skills and gain additional abilities.
Screen Shot strip visually separated into two parts. On the left side we can move your finger and bounce the balls, and they will fly with a different party. All balls will fly to us by different trajectories and at different speeds. Also, depending on the variety of the ball, he can bend, fly a little faster or even make a custom hook.
Most interesting is that until the ball has crossed the dividing line, we will not know what that kind of ball. Basically, after an hour of play in Flick Home Run! you will already be on his flight to guess what you are waiting for, but until then we can use the clues that reveal to us the secret.
The game is quite difficult to knock the ball out of the playing field must be good to try, and it turns out not the first attempt, with the fun begins at the outside of the field, because there you can catch interesting bonuses, hidden between cars and houses.
Also, if you hit the ball in the sky, and there we will have to wait a lot of colorful balloons, knocking that, we will get extra points. The game has several modes of play, which opened as a set level.

Features Flick Home Run! for Android:

  • Nice HD-graphics;
  • Simple operation;
  • Difficult addictive gameplay;
  • Leveling system and pumping skills (accuracy, power, tips);
  • 10 modes of play;
  • 12 balls with unique physics.
Summary. Flick Home Run! - It's a great arcade game for Android, which allows you to kill a lot of hours of free time, the gameplay is very addictive. The disadvantages are too high complexity, some balls hard to fight off even after an hour of exercise.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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