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Review Hangouts

Jay Feldman
Simple interface
Needs to be elaborated, glitches, is lagging
Hangouts for Android is basically enhanced text messaging. The app works fine enough, however, it’s a little redundant and just points to a shift in Google’s ideology, which is becoming more and more restrictive, like iOS.
Hangouts is a perfectly good messaging app, if not totally pointless. I was perfectly fine with my standard text messaging app, but ok, it seems Google has taken a page from Apple’s book and is intent on herding us like sheep with uniformity. It’s disappointing that Google has chosen to take this tact, but there’s little to be done about it but acquiesce.
Hangouts allows you to send and receive various messages and multimedia content, once called MMS and texts; now it all just comes under a hipster name, but that’s essentially all Hangouts really is. Oh, and you can add a healthy dose of privacy intrusion while you’re at it. Unlike Google Talk, Hangouts does not have an invisible mode, which means there’s really no way to effectively prevent your cyber stalkers from hunting you down and knowing your every move.
The biggest flaw with hangouts is if you have multiple devices using the same account, messages are duplicated to all of them; so you’re essentially being bombarded by repeat notifications unless you muddle through all the setup options and manually turn certain features off, or deactivate the app entirely on certain devices.
Everything functioned fairly well, but I did xperience hangs and glitches here and there. I think for those who are heavy into social and real world networking, this app will be a dream. But for those of us who enjoy a layer of privacy in our lives, Hangouts is just another example of Google's new restrictive and intrusive practices.
Hangouts is a decent messaging app but I’m concerned with Google’s new shift to creating all these mandatory and repetitively redundant apps; Google+, Google Play Games, now Hangouts. More and more, this little droid seems to be changing into a clone, and I’m not entirely enthusiastic about that. However, this is a decent app for those who find it useful.

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Write a comment...i just love it great
akinfolarin temidayo
akinfolarin temidayo20 Jun 2017, at 19:34
Write a comment...nice application
Hi I download the google hangouts app on my Amazon fire and when I try to open it says null over and over then it closes why please help
How do I download hangouts on kindle fire HD? Help!
Brandon Girod
Hi! Unfortunately, Google apps aren't available on Amazon's Fire OS natively. You'll have to try and find an apk to download and install. 
how do i get it to work on galaxy cam 2? 
Brandon Girod
Once you have the app downloaded, you should be able to just open the app and use it. Are you logged into your gmail account? 
Saakshi Roy
Hangouts is awesome.
how can i install google apps in my nokia xl please help me
Tariq Abdulla
just tap on the "free version" link above, to go to the play store and download Hangouts
Putra Bhaskara
Hi, i tried to install hangout on my htc sensation xe, but it's disabled.
how can i enable it?
Tariq Abdulla
what exactly do you mean that it is disabled?
How can I install it on a kinds fire HD?
Tariq Abdulla
it's not available on the amazon appstore. You could use an alternative multi-chat client like IM+ or you could sideload it, which is more complicated but you can find instructions like this
can i get this app on a samsung galaxy tad 4?    
Tariq Abdulla
I should think so, what seems to be the trouble? What happens when you try to install it?
I miss hangout calls.  How can I change notification so it is longer and louder?  Thanks  
Vlad Popa
The volume can be changed from your device's settings menu. There you can also set what sounds to use for notifications.
Hi. I want to use my own sounds/music as an alert tone for the calendar on my Galaxy Fame Samsung. How can I do this please?
Ashish Gupta
I am not able to install Hangout dialer in my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 . It is showing error message - "not supporting.... ".
Please do the needful.
Vlad Popa
Can you please include the whole message as it is displayed in Google Play?
i want to install hangouts in my nokia X2, plz help me
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately the Nokia X series use their own modified version of Android. I am not sure Hangouts is available for them without rooting the device and installing Google Play. You will have to check the proprietary appstore that comes pre-installed on the device to see if it can be downloaded from there.
Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
Hangouts won't be installed in NOKIA MOBILES, better won't buy NOKIA mobiles
On DUOS GT-S7562 I get:
Hangout will not install. Talk is present

Package file was not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again.   
but I can not uninstall Talk 
It won't let me bye apps on Google play but I can on Amazon but Amazon doesn't have Google play.
Help me to watsap
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