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Review Trailerpop

Sergei Petrov
Trailerpop - a fascinating view trailers for Android, which is accompanied by guessing the basic facts of each film in the form of question and answer. An infinite number of questions, jokes, funny stories and other updates in a single application.
The main idea of ​​the application is that as long as you show a trailer of a movie, you can also answer questions about this film, earning points and taking part in the championship of moviegoers. The faster the answer to the questions, the better, but in the end you can get into the privileged list of those available to the major chip application - deleted scenes from the movies, interviews, additional information, and so on.
If you find a movie that you are interested in, you can add it to your list to lose and watch later (the icon with the plus sign). Or you can immediately buy it or rent (the icon with the word "buy"). Or simply notice that you've seen this film (with the eye icon).

Features Trailerpop for Android:

  • Ability to interact with your friends through Facebook or Google or Twitter;
  • Statistics on your achievements - Number of trailers, guess the answer, points per month, and so on;
  • Several answers to questions of varying difficulty;
  • Bonus points for correctly guessing three to five or more answers in a row;
  • Infinite scrolling trailers one after another of your choice;
  • More than 20,000 trailers in the basis of the application;
  • Using Google Play for buying and renting movies;
  • Cooperation with a network of Fandango to purchase tickets;
  • Easily search by: title, all categories (actors, directors, and new items), or the list of films.
Spoils the impression of the application has a very long pause between loading and transitions in categories, menu items, and so on. Navigation as a whole can not be called comfortable, the home page looks a bit sloppy and messy. Would be well advised to work on the interface and ease of use.
Summary. Trailerpop - free entertainment in the form of kinoviktoriny for Adroid, which will please fans of the movie and English-speaking. The application requires further development, but already has a good potential for moviegoers of all stripes. And, of course, absolutely necessary localization in several languages, including Russian.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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