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Idle Apocalypse
Idle Apocalypse
Idle Apocalypse
Idle Apocalypse
Idle Apocalypse

Review Idle Apocalypse

Brandon Girod
Mechanics that play off each other well, beautiful retro graphics, funny dialogue and banter
Pacing is real slow
It’s 2018 and there are easily more than 2,018 different idle games on the Android platform, and they’re all vying for your attention. That makes it really tough for one of these games to stick out and appeal to players. Idle Apocalypse for Android is an idle game that feeds off itself really well and has a ton of personality - something many other idle games really can’t say the same about.
In many idle games, you’re constantly trying to get as much of one resource as you possible can. Every mechanic of the game feeds into this one aspect as each upgrade just makes numbers go higher and higher. In IA, that’s not the case. You play a villain who is trying to construct the ultimate tower of evil when you’re confronted by a group of champions. How do you fend them off? You add more floors to your tower, each that produces monsters and resources you’ll need to fend off the champions.
What makes this game truly shine is how all of the game’s mechanics play with each other. Goblins, for instance, drop slime that you need to upgrade some floors and produce stronger units. However, you can swap the goblin floor for mages that produce a different resource you also need to create other things. A huge part of the game is managing which units your producing so you’re constantly creating the right resources you need to keep going instead of stagnating. Idle Apocalypse is a complex idle game that I think hardcore idle fans will really enjoy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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