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Just Shout
Just Shout
Just Shout
Just Shout
Just Shout
Just Shout
Just Shout

Review Just Shout

Sergei Petrov
Just Shout - this addictive game for Android, combining the genres of action and fighting game. We were constantly bandits will attack the crowd on both sides, from which we will fight back with a knife, as well as various small arms.
The game has a very nice 2D-graphics, which in its style reminiscent of old hits with consoles SEGA (eg, Comix Zone). There is not any plot, just an endless action, until we are killed.


Control of the game by using the buttons. To the left are buttons to control the movement forward and back, and on the right - a big button for the attack, as well as small auxiliary buttons for grenades and call air support.
By default, we use only the basic weapon - a knife that we have available at all times. From the sky will fall to us crates of small arms, which must be selected. The number of rounds of small arms is strictly limited, so you have to constantly move around the map, pick up weapons discharged into enemies clip and look for a new box.
During the game, we will also receive a cash resource that can improve the performance of weapons or open a new species. Also, if you become too hard to play, then we can buy more health for the money.
The final score depends on how many you killed the bandits. Initially, the bandits will attack us with his fists, then there will be thugs with knives and other weapons, and a few minutes will be heavily armed thugs.

Features Just Shout for Android:

  • Nice HD-graphics;
  • Simple operation;
  • Dynamic endless gameplay;
  • High-quality sound;
  • A large number of different weapons;
  • The constant increase in complexity (30 levels of difficulty).
The disadvantages of the game include a great abundance of advertising, and the fact that the game after the first run creates two extra shortcut on the desktop that advertise a free antivirus. So be careful and it is better to remove the labels, since nothing useful inside you'll find you just redirect to the advertised site.
Summary. Just Shout - a dynamic 2D-shooter for Android with endless gameplay. These games are perfect in the role of time killers and help to have fun and relieve the brain. We also recommend you look at the analog - Call of Mini: Brawlers .

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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