LEGO Speedorz
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LEGO Speedorz
LEGO Speedorz
LEGO Speedorz
LEGO Speedorz
LEGO Speedorz
LEGO Speedorz

Review LEGO Speedorz

Sergei Petrov
LEGO Speedorz - this is a fun racing game for Android, which we're going to conquer the fantastic world of Chima, with its funny and charismatic characters of the inhabitants. Though the game and is designed mostly for children, but at the expense of exciting gameplay it can please all the fans of arcade racing.
Engaged in developing the game studio Warner Bros, which until then had only produced a variety of applications to the output of popular films. As a rule, all the games in the universe of LEGO obtained at least good, so we are not able to pass by.


This is a single racing game, even during the races themselves we are always alone on the track. See who goes ahead and who falls behind, you can use a special indicator at the top of the screen. The winner of the game who will reach the finish line first or complete the task.
Game control is carried out with the help of two large hands, which are responsible for the turn and are on opposite sides of the screen. The controls are responsive, but will have to prepare for a turn in advance.
The main feature of the game - this is a special magical energy that we can recharge by performing mini-quests or collection of bright glowing spheres. You can use the field for a special acceleration, which is activated by pulling over yellow lever on the right side of the screen.
Runs in a game only three - it's a jungle, swamps and sandy canyon, but the tracks are very large in size and consist of multiple locations. At the time of arrival, we will offer to perform small tasks, for example, pass through three gates or knock down 5 posts, for which we can get the energy to accelerate.

Features LEGO Speedorz for Android:

  • Nice 3D-graphics;
  • Good optimization games (no delay);
  • Three great tracks;
  • Simple operation;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • Opportunity to improve bikes and change the look of the main character.
The disadvantages of the game include too few runs and internal content. Because of this, we can not call this a full game, but the game on the LEGO Universe all suffer from this disadvantage.
Summary. LEGO Speedorz - is a simple and addictive arcade racing game for Android, which will definitely please fans of LEGO Universe and Chima, as well as other people, because it is completely free and contains no advertising banners.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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