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Runaway Toad
Runaway Toad
Runaway Toad
Runaway Toad
Runaway Toad
Runaway Toad

Review Runaway Toad

Brandon Girod
Procedurally generated levels with handcrafted elements, novel bug-eating system, simple controls
No levels designed by hand, too many video ads
It's pretty rare that a game will come along and completely change your idea of how fun and well-packaged a free game can be. That's precisely what Runaway Toad for Android did for me. It's a fun arcade game that is just dripping with polish, personality and fantastic gameplay mechanics that I haven't seen in a game like this.
The premise is pretty simple. A princess went around kissing toads in hopes that she would eventually kiss her Prince Charming. Unfortunately, this toad wasn't having it, so he just jumped right out the window. You pick up where the series of events leaves off and must tap, hold and swipe to help the toad get to safety.
The first thing I want to focus on is how good this game looks. Everything is well designed, from the sound to the graphics. There are tons of animations for everything, and the toad really comes to life on the screen, along with everything else. The mechanics are where the game really shines. You'll tap to hop and hold to hop for even longer. On the right side, you can swipe to eat insects.
The idea is to get as far as you can in each procedurally generated swamp. You'll eat insects to help. Eating bugs can do helpful things like giving you a second jump, allowing you to float in the air and even giving you a second life. If you land in the swamp, an owl will swoop down and grab you.
I'm not a fan of the video ads presented in Runaway Toad, but this is a game that could charge money. It's that good. Put this on your phone right away and spend hours trying to see how far you can get your toad before you're taken back to the castle.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Great game, fun to play
Cool game tnx  
This game is really cool! I'm playing like a week already
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