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Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels
Xtreme Wheels

Review Xtreme Wheels

Alexander Vorobyev
Perfect soundtrack, quality 3d graphics, addictive game play, true-to-life physics
In-app purchases, too many ads
Xtreme Wheels is a great physics-based motocross game for Android devices that lets you mount the most powerful bikes ever and perform mind-blowing stunts. The game is made in a quality way and we bet everyone, irrespective of their favorite genre, will like playing it.
This game was developed by BRAVO game studios and you can see that they put much love and care in it. It features awesome 3D graphics with high detalization, nice soundtrack, and lots of tracks and obstacles.

Game play

The game controls are conventional: either tilt your device or use the on-screen buttons. Obviously, the second option is much more convenient. However, apart from all standard buttons on the screen, you will also need to use the button located at the top right corner that restarts the level. You see, some parts of the levels will be so challenging that you will need to restart the level from the last checkpoint for at least five times or so.
Apart from winding and twisting roads, the tracks will include obstacles like walls, boards, and gas barrels, which will kill you if you crash into them. This is not the game where you can accelerate randomly and get it done with: you will need to think through every your move to complete the level and do crazy stunts (jumping from the walls or maintaining equilibrium for a long time).

Key features of Xtreme Wheels for Android:

  • Amazing 3D graphics;
  • Responsive controls;
  • Sophisticated physics;
  • Interactive and graphic environment with lots of obstacles;
  • Several game episodes and over 20 levels;
  • Nice soundtrack.
The free version features too many ads, but you can pay $1.3 to install the ad-free game.


Xtreme Wheels is an awesome motocross game for Android devices with detailed 3D graphics which is, however a bit challenging, gives you a chance to feel yourself as a professional biker and try to surmount the true-to-life game physics. Highly recommended!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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vishwa dev pratap singh
vishwa dev pratap singh13 Jul 2013, at 16:27
This game is awrsome
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