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Ghost Pop!
Ghost Pop!
Ghost Pop!
Ghost Pop!
Ghost Pop!
Ghost Pop!

Review Ghost Pop!

Brandon Girod
Extremely fun gameplay mechanics, excellent production value
Upgrades feel pretty minor
If you’re afraid of the undead, this is the game for you. Ghost Pop for Android is a game where you grab a flashlight, head into a spooky forest and face your fears. You’ll run down scores of ghosts and what appear to be necromancers as you dispel them with just a trusty flashlight. But can you make it to the end of the woods?
I was actually pretty taken aback by how much I really enjoyed this arcade game. It has all the makings of being an endless runner except that there are checkpoints you can reach, making progression way more fun. The idea is that you’ll go out on a run until you hit the boss of each level. If you can beat the boss, you’ll march forward. If you can’t, you’ll be taken back to the screen with loot that can be used to upgrade your character.
The controls are decent. You’ll swipe to aim your flashlight at ghosts in order to dispel them but you have limited battery. While the batteries recharge, if you use the flashlight too much, you might find yourself recharging when you need it most. Unfortunately, aiming the flashlight is a little awkward as it never resets back to the middle. So if you pick up your finger, you have to make sure you remember where you left off because it won’t follow your finger like you would expect it to.
Honestly, I had a blast playing Ghost Pop. It almost felt like a clicker in terms of how fast I was progressing but the game never felt like it wasn’t challenging. I was never in a position where I was completely comfortable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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