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Tap the Frog
Tap the Frog
Tap the Frog
Tap the Frog
Tap the Frog
Tap the Frog
Tap the Frog

Review Tap the Frog

Alexander Vorobyev
Decent graphics, simple controls
No significant shortcomings
Tap the Frog is an amazing logical game for Android devices that features a mega pack of arcade brain teasers and puzzles that will make you use your reaction, attention, and wit to the full. The game is really positive and therefore both adults and children will like playing it. Be careful, thinking hard is addictive!
This game was released by Playmous, the studio that developed a similar game, on iOS and became a hit just in several days. Now it’s available for users of Android completely for free! Funny looking frogs—that you will need to help by solving many various logic tasks—will be the main characters in Tap the Frog.


As you can see from its name, this game is all about tapping. It features 14 game modes consisting of 14 logical tasks with frogs. You will need to pop frogs or color them by tapping as well as make them jump or fly. Many other puzzles about math, color perception, and so on will get unlocked as you play and gather more stars. Overall, you can get five stars in every quest.
You will be given 20 seconds at the beginning of every mini game, while extra time will be added when you solve a task. For some of you certain tasks may seem easy and others not because it will all depend on your skills and wit. Apart from it, the game features a multiplayer mode and lets you share your rank and scores with your friends.

Key features of Tap the Frog for Android:

  • Funny and sweet graphics;
  • Lots of mini games and levels;
  • Multiplayer mode;
  • Ranking system;
  • Awesome logic tasks.
The game turned out to be a perfect time killer which, at the same time, makes you think and use your brainpower. However, as you play the levels become really challenging and sometimes you won’t have enough time to solve all riddles. As for the rest, the game is a fun!


Tap the Frog is one of the fewer games for Android that could successfully fuse together three genres: time killer, logic arcade, and brain teaser. That’s probably the reason why over 15 mln people, both young and old, play it. Try it out!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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megatron05 Apr 2014, at 12:37Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
I downloaded once. When I want to play for the second time, the screen goes black. I don't know why
Alexander Vorobyev
Can you tell me more about your problem? You downloaded and installed the app, but you can't launch it anymore? Does it display any error message?
I never tryed it yet but it looks fun
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